10 Reasons to Love OBU
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Student Life

10 Reasons to Love OBU

It's more than just a school.

10 Reasons to Love OBU

Oklahoma Baptist University is 1,134 miles from my house in San Diego California. But that does not mean it is not my home. You don't need your family and the house and neighborhood you grew up in for some place to feel like hime. That is exactly what I have here at OBU. There are a multitude of things here at Oklahoma Baptist that I love and appreciate and that make this school the right fit for me.

1. One big body of Christ

I know that just because OBU is a private Christian University, it doesn't mean everyone here upholds those morals, because let's face it, we ALL fall short. But never has a day gone by where I did not feel that I had someone to turn to to make me stronger in my faith and build me up in my walk with Christ. You can feel and see the love of Jesus and for Jesus all throughout the campus.

2. Social clubs are not just for socializing.

I am a member of Theta Sigma Chi here on campus. Now we may not be considered a national sorority but the sisterhood we share is real! These girls have become my best friends and sisters in Christ just in one short year and I am beyond blessed (rush is coming up in January, hint hint ladies and gents).

3. Biggie, Spring Affair, Open Mic Night, lets face it- we are a musical campus.

If you love to sing for fun, worship or as a life dream- OBU is the place to be. We have so many opportunities for you to let your light shine! From school wide shows to Bisonettes and Chorale, you can surely find your place somewhere.

4. Teacher to Student Ratio

When people think of courses at a University, they picture lecture halls with 500 students and a teacher at the front with a microphone. But in reality not all schools are like that. All my classes are about 35 kids or less and it is so beneficial. Your teachers will actually know your name and they genuinely care if you succeed. So take advantage of their office hours and the Student Success Center.


Welcome Week is one of my favorite freshman year memories. You get to build relationships with people while having a whole lot of fun competing in Ka-Rip wars! One of my best friends/suite mates was in my welcome week group AND I met the girl I went home with for Thanksgiving during the Serve Shawnee part of WW.

6. Campus size

OBU is considered a walking campus because everything is within walking distance. Depending on what building you live in on campus, you might have to leave a few minutes earlier or later that someone else, but you never have to go far.

7. Eat more chicken

And eat more chicken is what we do here. If you smell Chick-Fil-A, you are probably at OBU.

8. Sports Programs

I am an athlete on the track team here at OBU and it is my favorite thing. The community of this team, along with all the other sports teams does not go unnoticed. Oklahoma Baptist has wonderful sports programs with dedicated coaches and trainers who just want to see you succeed.

9. Get plugged in

OBU has so many opportunities to get involved on campus. Ranging anywhere from SGA, bible studies and worship nights to FCA and club and intramural sports. You can be sure that you will find your place here!

10. Ka-Rip, Ka-Rap, Ka-rip lo tiplo tap!!

What other school has a crazy tongue twister chant that all students, faculty and alumni know??

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