With the gloomy winter months fully upon us, most are looking forward to those hot summer days and long summer nights. For many, the frigid temperatures and snow covered grounds are completely unappealing and highly unwelcomed. While it may be a bit before summer finally makes its way back into our lives, there is no harm in wishing for the many activities associated with the warmer months. Here are 10 Summer activities we are all looking forward to:

1. Concerts

Arguably the most exciting summer activity, concerts are the epitome of summertime and never fail to produce lasting memories and friendships.

2. Beach days

You simply can not beat a day of relaxing by the beach on a hot summer day. Nothing is more serene than being surrounded by sand and crashing waves.

3. Hiking

Both good for you and fun! A day of hiking offers breathtaking views, exercise and the chance to enjoy all summer has to offer.

4. The Sun

The sun is the lifeblood of summer, providing us with hot summer temperatures and making those days just a little bit longer. Not to mention a great tan!

5. Barbeques and outdoor eating

Nothing says summer like a barbeque with family and friends. Fire up those grills and get ready to eat!

6. Driving

If you're like me and driving is one of you favorite activities, it only gets ten times better in the summer months. There is nothing like a road trip or just a leisurely drive on a warm summer night.

7. Seafood

One of the most essential summer foods, seafood is always a must have during the summer season.

8. Reading

Whether you like to read or not, sitting down with a good book during the summer never fails to be relaxing, particularly when you are pool or beach side.

9. Ice Scream and desserts

Ice cream and desserts simply taste that much better during the summer and it finally becomes socially acceptable to eat them each and every day!

10. FUN!!

There is nothing like those summer months. From friends to fun activities, every summer is special and accompanied by a lifetime of memories and thankfully, it'll be here before you know it!