10 Reasons To Go To The Texas Rodeo
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10 Reasons To Go To The Texas Rodeo

A concentration of all things Texas.

10 Reasons To Go To The Texas Rodeo

Although the days of saloon brawls, pistol duels and covered wagons are over, one can still find the heart of the south at the most characteristically Texas event: The Rodeo. Full of oversized cowboy hats, spurred cowboy boots and giant belt buckles, the rodeo provides an insight into the craziest yet greatest parts about what makes Texas, well, Texas.

1. Mutton Bustin'

Three-year-olds riding on sheep with minimal protection for entertainment should be terrifying, but it's hilarious.

2. Deep Fried Food

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our stomachs. Deep Fried Butter definitely was not FDA approved.

3. An Excuse to Wear Your Favorite Cowboy Boots

You basically look like the girl in the 2011 version of Footloose. Right?

4. Bull Riding

A grown-up version of Mutton Busting, with more broken bones.

5. Concerts

Aside from the big name country artists (i.e. Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw) you can also find anything from Maroon 5 to Jason Derulo.

6. Pig Racing

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy went to...the Rodeo?

7. Calf Scramble

This one's actually cool: High schoolers wrestle calves released into an arena, raise them, and sell them later to pay their college tuition. So, essentially, it's a living scholarship that you have to tackle to the ground.

8. The Carnival

They only set these rides up in a few hours. Sketchy. Dangerous. People have died.

9. The Accents

Howdy, y'all.

10. Raw Texas Pride

The Lone Star Staters are fiercely loyal.

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