10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Old Quebec City
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10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Old Quebec City

This past summer I went to Quebec City, Canada for the first time, and it was amazing.

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Old Quebec City
Katy Trice

This past summer I went to Quebec City, Canada for the first time, and it was amazing. I felt like I was immersed in their cuisine, religious ideas, culture, art. It's a fun place to be a tourist and explore.

1. It's European without ever crossing an ocean.

Stepping down the cobblestone streets, looking over the St. Lawerence river, and the mountains in the distance you feel like you are oceans away from America. But in reality you just drove or flew a few hours north.

2. You can walk everywhere.

We never had to set foot in a car or take a bus. We walked the streets just like the locals. Hotels to restaurants to attractions were all just a walk away. We did average walking about 5 miles a day. But hey all you need is good shoes and a good attitude, and you’ll get there.

3. Everyone greets with a charming “bonjour.”

I was enchanted by all the locals smiling and saying bonjour, and I found myself following up with my own bonjour and merci.

4. The city roars late into the night.

Our tour guide on day one told us that "the locals are just as surprised by this gorgeous summer as you are — they can’t believe they have eight months of winter.” There is a carpe diem atmosphere to walk the streets late into the night or to stop and listen to the street performers, because in a few months it’ll be cold again. If you take the ferry out at night you get a gorgeous view of the city lights — especially the castle.

5. There are artists everywhere.

Like I said there are street performers, carnival acts, caricaturists, painters, singers and the list goes on. If you love bringing art back from trips, Quebec City is the place to go because every corner you turn their is a new artist with a painting or album for sale in sight.

6. They have a castle.

And it is grand and beautiful. The Château Frontenac was built to attract tourists in the 20th century, and now the hotel makes up the iconic Quebec City skyline.

7. They care about reducing waste.

In our hotel and at restaurants most venues preferred to leave a glass water bottle in your room or on your table to fill up your glasses and reusable water bottles. There was a conscious effort by the town to reduce water bottle waste in order to preserve the area for the future.

8. Oh the bread, coffee and fruit.

They know how to eat. I am not sure I ever wanted for more bread, coffee, or fruit… it was always in abundance and WITH every meal. You’d order a big brunch with eggs, bacon, potatoes, with a coffee, and your choice of bread. And it was all so yummy and creative.

9. If you love Burlington, Vermont… you’ll love Quebec City.

Samuel de Champlain discovered both, and I must say the areas have uncanny resemblance. They are both cold, northern cities but lush, green, hilly land looking over water and mountains in the distance. I thought I loved Burlington, but then I went to Quebec City.

10. The exchange rate is $1.00 (US) to $0.77 (Canada).

So right now, it is cheaper to go there and buy souvenirs than to buy them here.

It's good to step out of your comfort zone and learn about a different country, and Canada is just so close! I’d have to say if there was a place to recommend a cross cultural or study abroad trip for Messiah College to take on — it would be Quebec City, Canada.

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