10 Reasons To Be An Odyssey Content Producer

10 Reasons To Be An Odyssey Content Producer

Why producing for The Odyssey is good for you.

An Army Of Writers

I joined the Hastings chapter of The Odyssey Online in the first few months of my freshmen year at college. Since then, I've been spitting out articles once a week. Through trials and tribulations, The Odyssey has been a constant in my life. As much as it sounds like a drag, I'd like to give you a couple reasons why you should write for your chapter.

1. Creative Expression!

At least here at Hastings, you get complete and total reign over what you want to write about (though your Editor-In-Chief and Master Editor have final say in what gets published). This means you get to write about what you're passionate about be it politics, arts, college, or even your hometown!

2. Low Time Commitment!

Even though it is a lot to try to publish an article a week, it really isn't that much of a time commitment. If you stock up with article ideas and really focus, you can spit out an article in no time! The ability to write about what you love really moves the process along.

3. Break From Homework!

Sometimes, you need to just not do homework– procrastination is an evil force of nature. So, when you feel like not doing anything, you have a chance to produce something voluntarily! Whenever I'm in a slump, I tend to write about cute, happy things, to get me motivated again. After that, I'm ready to take on whatever homework comes my way!

4. Build a Team!

At least at our Hastings chapter, we're constantly supporting and texting each other about the other's article. This ability to work as a team to create magnificent projects week after week is invaluable, not only in terms of your academic career, but in terms of your professional one as well.

5. Creates Work Ethic!

Working at the Odyssey has taught me more than abundant lessons in work ethic. Getting high quality articles in on time, especially after a busy week, can sometimes be a challenge. However, when the going get's tough, the tough get ready to face every struggle head on.

6. Teaches Time Management!

Organizing that slot within your week to write your article can sometimes be a hassle. By working with your local Odyssey chapter, you learn how to organize your time effectively enough so that you can get everything finished. It's actually pretty invigorating! Suddenly your schedule frees up when you have less put off assignments to do.

7. Learn to Network!

Networking is a highly ranked skill in terms of employment. By working hard each month to get your articles out there and read, you quickly discover what works and what definitely does not in terms of social media sharing, and how to interact with readers. That will help you later on in life.

8. Learn New Perspectives!

Listen, not everyone in your chapter will agree with you. It's refreshing to get new perspectives on things; who knows, you might even learn something! By writing, reading, and responding to other thinkers, you find yourself in a world you never would have been before.

9. Good Interview Material!

Employers value work ethic, the ability to communicate adequately, and reliability. All of that is just the first part of being a content producer! In interviews, when asked about yourself, slip in that you are a writer for Odyssey. That'll open up avenues for plenty of other questions about what you've done and what you liked about it.

10. It's Just Fun!

Being an Odyssey Content Producer is honestly just fun. You get to talk about things that you have passion for, while also being able to communicate with a massive audience. Your team is always behind you, in good times and in bad, and you may discover parts of yourself you didn't know you had.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact your local chapter and see if you can get in on this magic!

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