10 Reasons To Appreciate Your Bestfriends
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10 Reasons To Appreciate Your Bestfriends

I don't think I would've survived highschool without my best friend.

10 Reasons To Appreciate Your Bestfriends

1. They're always there for you (even when you're being completely idiotic.)

We all have those moments where we do something impulsive and dumb and end up regretting it later. Our best friends are there to say "I told you so" then help you get out of whatever situation you got yourself into.

2. They understand you.

Having someone who really gets you is probably the best feeling ever. You can just say what's on your mind without fearing that they'll misunderstand you and they have your back because they understand the way you react to things.

3. They can always make you laugh, even when you're in a crappy mood.

Whenever you're having a horrible day and are in just the worst mood, having a best friend can make you forget that you were ever unhappy in the first place. They always know just what to say to start a fit of laughter filled with gasps for air and obnoxious sounds.

4. They give the best advice.

Since they understand you, they know how you react in certain situations, so they're the best advice givers. They know how to make you feel better about whatever situation you're in and help you resolve it.

5. It's never boring when you spend time with them.

You can literally spend the entire day with them and never get bored. When you have to go home you feel like it went by way to fast and you want to stay longer and keep having fun.

6.They're really supportive

No matter what it is that you're doing, you can count on them to be your biggest supporter. No matter how big or small, if it matters to you, it matters to them and they'll do everything they can to be there for you with it.

7. You never feel lonely or like no one cares about you.

We all have those moments where we're lonely and feel like no one really cares about us, but with a best friend, you never have to feel that way. They're always there to let you know that they care.

8. You know that no matter what, you'll always be best friends.

You never have to be scared that you could do something wrong to ruin your friendship. They accept you for you and there's nothing you can do to make them stop wanting to be your best friend.

9. You can be yourself with them and they actually like you.

Like I said, best friends understand you and accept you for who you are. They know your real personality, all those ugly little flaws you keep hidden, and they still love you and care about you.

10. You have the same sense of humor, which is probably the best thing ever.

Being able to laugh endlessly over the same thing is the best feeling in the world. Just being able to be silly and obnoxious and to be able to joke about dumb things with them without a care in the world is probably one of my favorite things about having a best friend.

These are just few of endless reasons why we should all appreciate our best friends. They have to deal with us and we know first hand how difficult we all are, and yet they love us and deal with us anyways. Stop whatever you're doing right now and contact your best friend. Let them know how much you appreciate them for putting up with you and how much you love them for always being there. Never take them for granted.

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