10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Greys Anatomy

GREY'S ANATOMY IS PRETTY MUCH LIFE! It will change your life! It will change you as a person It will help you as a person! Grey's is 13 seasons on Netflix! It is a show that will show you a lot about life!

1.) Derek and Meredith

It starts as a one night stand, but then Meredith shows us what it is to truly devote yourself to your soulmate. This relationship is #GOALS! When the show goes on after season 1 they will fall more and more in love!


Yang is the friend we wish we all had! Her personality is very interesting! This show would not be the same if Cristina Yang was not in it!

3.) You realize you could've gotten your masters in being a surgeon

Grey's anatomy shows you so much about being a surgeon.

4.) The Chemistry

The amount of couples and hookups that go on in the hospital is unreal. And most couples workout!

5.) Nobody is ever safe

No one is ever safe in the hospital. We never will know what is coming next, if a doctor or intern will die. The show is a big plot twist!

6.) You will cry a lot during this show but it is all worth it.

@me when you just can't take it anymore

@me when your professor gives you 20 page packet due the next day

7.) Because after the plane crash happened, Mark and Lexi died. And Lexi was already dead and Mark couldn't tell Lexi that he is in love with her.

8.) This show will help you through life because you see how worse it could be.

9.) When George dies..... he was my favorite to be honest

10.) Just you should watch Grey's it will change you as a person! grey's is life!!

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