Have you been considering getting a new pet but just don't know what kind to get? As a proud parent of two rats, I'm here to let you know all of the reasons you should consider parenting one of these lovable little creatures.

1. Just look at them.

I mean, have you seen a cuter face?

2. So! Smart!

Rats, humans, and dolphins are the only animals with high enough mental capabilities to understand that they have thoughts! Meaning, rats are so smart that they can think "I am having a thought".

3. They are jokers.

I read once that there was a rat whose body markings matched the colors of the bottom of his cage. He would cover his head with bedding, and when his owners came to look to him, they thought he had escaped! He would wait a few moments and then pop out from the bedding as a big surprise!

4. They are ticklish.

Studies have proven that rats are actually ticklish and do laugh when being tickled!

5. You can shoulder train them.

Rats love being up in high places where they can observe their surroundings, and your shoulder is their perfect place for that. I mean, who wouldn't want a snuggly companion on their shoulder at all times?

6. They get along well with other animals.

Rats need tons of affection. You should spend at least a couple of hours a day just playing with them to make them feel loved. And they have no qualms with loving animals of other species.

7. They are companion animals.

Rats live best with other rats. And trust me, there is nothing better than waking up to the sight of two snuggling furballs.

8. Smol.

They don't need much food or space. A very compact friend.

9. THIS.

The lil hands. The. Lil. Hands.

10. They love to cuddle.

The minute that paw grabs your finger, you know you've found a true companion.

Next time you're thinking about getting a little friend, remember that rats are the cutest, most playful, and loving friends.