10 Reasons Martina Stawski Is Goals
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10 Reasons Martina Stawski Is Goals

Martina Stawski from Eat Your Kimchi has become my ultimate female icon, role-model and inspiration in life!

10 Reasons Martina Stawski Is Goals
Simon and Martina's Facebook

Martina and Simon Stawski are a Canadian couple with an old pup, Spudgy, and the world’s most obese cat named Dr. Meemersworth. They used to teach English overseas in South Korea, but now they live in Japan and run “Eat Your Kimchi”, “Eat Your Sushi”, “Simon and Martina”, and “Open the Happy”. Both have become my ultimate #couplegoals, and Martina is my role model in life. She inspires me to become a better, happier woman with a positive outlook and attitude on life that embraces other cultures with an open mind and open arms! She reminds us never to be afraid to tackle your dreams and seek new challenging adventures!

1. Fashion

Martina has a bold variety of style that includes everything from accessorized Sailor Moon chopsticks to bright, beautifully pink hair to black overalls. It varies. Even her lime green jacket looks amazing with her confidence and coordination. Is there any outfit Martina can’t pull off? No. No, there is not.

2. Fearless

Martina is fearless! She originated from Canada and has conquered many adventures along with the trials of teaching in South Korea with the help of her husband Simon. Now, they’re off to explore Japan and be happily confused!

3. Family

Simon and Martina should be your relationship goals. Seriously, go watch their videos and you’ll understand exactly why. Instead of fighting and being bitterly passive-aggressive, they are actually adult and talk about their problems. Hence, no fighting! How amazing is that? They also have a blue, old dog named Spudgy and the cutest (and probably morbidly obese) cat, Dr. Meemersworth! Their “children” are the animal forms of both Martina and Simon respectively.

4. Honesty

Martina could care less if you are absolutely obsessed with the new Korean Pop music video. If it has hilarious English mistakes or it just sucks, she’ll tell you what she thinks and rip your poor, fangirling heart out (thanks, Martina). She also does not conform to the pressure of the community that she faces, but it’s something I deeply admire about her. She does not hold back. She will tell you the downsides of the Korean music industry and the sexism women face—issues that most fans refuse to acknowledge and lash out at her for bringing up. She also admits the truths about South Korea even if they’re not so great. She’s going to tell you what’s up and about the reforms the country needs to make such as education, mental health, and vehicle safety. She’ll also tell Simon to lower his volume when he’s screaming into your eardrums and your poor headphones are crackling at four in the morning. Thank you, Martina, for both educating us and saving our hearing (love you, Simon!).

5. Humor

You cannot watch a single “Simon and Martina” video without laughing. They are absolutely hilarious and it draws the viewers in. They have the most entertaining ways of explaining what happens during their adventures in Japan, and the process of living there as brand new foreigners in an older subdivision. It really brings their experience to life and makes you envision actually having been there.

6. Independence

Most people allow a relationship to consume them, but both Simon and Martina are independent and yet dependent at the same time. They know how to be individuals in their relationship and have respectful differences in opinions. It is a healthy, beautiful balance. Each of their personalities shows through in their YouTube videos without overshadowing the other, and they’re also able to give the vibe on how strong the love in their marriage is.

7. Love

Her love is unconditional—it has no limits. She just loves. It’s a part of Martina that shines the most through her videos. Her adoptions and interactions with Simon (not adoption—marriage, sorry Simon), Spudgy, and Dr. Meemersworth! If Love was personified, I would envision it to be the face of Martina Stawski.

8. Patience

These folks waited for their pets to arrive in Japan for months. That is not an exaggeration whatsoever. That truly takes patience as does adjusting to completely different cultures on the other side of the world. Another example of her patience is whenever Simon quit his teaching job to try and pursue “Eat Your Kimchi”—and thank goodness he did or else I would be sad all the time without them! She continued to work as he built up the Canadian empire, and they both had to be extremely patient as they worked toward achieving their dreams.

9. Positive Attitude

Martina’s positive attitude is absolutely contagious. If I was ever feeling down in high school or college, I would watch “Simon and Martina”, “Eat Your Kimchi”, or “Open the Happy”. Her laughter and teasing with Simon are infectious. Their words are so encouraging that it’s impossible to have a bad day after watching this couple on their weekly adventures!

10. Strength & Endurance

Martina suffers from EDS. It’s difficult to describe exactly what the illness is, but Martina does not let it hold her back. She and Simon admit that it’s okay to have a bad day, but they also don’t let every day become that bad day. Together, they push through. They use ice packs, slings, crutches, and the cutest, pink cane I’ve ever seen to help Martina overcome her daily struggles. She’s also defeated homesickness and culture shock. Martina is a true warrior kicking butt on the daily!

I could list many more reasons that Martina Stawski is my female icon. She's my Wonder Woman, my CL; she's everything I admire to one day be and will achieve with her positive influence! And don't worry Simon--your article is coming next week! Thank you so much to Simon and Martina, Spudgy, and Dr. Meemersworth. All the photos are from their Facebook site if you would like to see more, and please check out their links:





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