10 Reasons Law and Order is Amazing

This show is the longest-running prime-time drama. With characters, we all know and love and a theme song that we can say in our sleep. Dick Wolf never ceases to amaze with this show. It is definitely binge-worthy

10. It is addicting to watch over and over again when you are alone.

9. After one season we are ready to join the force, but after 5 we feel like we a part of the elite squad.

8.We all get just as mad at IAB.

7.But we were all happy to see Olivia happy even if it is with him.

6.NOAH BENSON that is all.

5. No matter what happened this lady could figure out what happened.

4.Fin and Munch <3

The second best partnership of the show.

3.My Personal Favorite ADA.

2.We all know what happens when this sound comes on.

1. OLIVIA AND STABLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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