10 Reasons I'm Excited To Graduate From College
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10 Reasons I'm Excited To Graduate From College

It's Not All Bad And Scary.

10 Reasons I'm Excited To Graduate From College

I know us seniors are in a scary and confusing part of our lives as we are about to graduate from college and be let out into the real world. However, it can be exciting to! There are tons of things to be excited about and to look forward too. There are some hard parts of graduating though that cannot be ignored. One is that you are most likely done with schooling forever unless you decide to go to graduate school or to take more classes later on. Another is that you are going to miss your college friends once you all head your separate ways, the worries of finding a career that you will love, and paying off your loans and so on. But this articles isn't about why we are worried about graduating it is focusing on the positives of what we do get to look forward to as we make our way into our last couple of months as a college student.

1. No More Homework, You're Finally Free!

You are finally done with homework forever. No more school means no more homework right? Well let's just say if your career does not require you to take work home with you at night or on the weekends then you are a lucky one. Some jobs will require this so hopefully you really enjoy the work you are doing.

2. No More Staying Up Late Doing Projects, Studying, And Homework.

Without school you won't have to study for quizzes and tests anymore, no cramming to get a project done, and no more homework. You are free. You might have to stay up late doing research or working on something that you didn't have time to finish at work, but it won't compare to all of those late nights you pulled in high school and college.

3. No More Ramen Noodles And Fast Food.

You no longer have to be this kid stocking up on the ramen. Well lets just say you will be probably eating a bit healthier now that you can actually afford to buy groceries and cook for yourself. However, ramen is great on a cold or a sick day so realistically you will most likely find us with a bowl at some point. Fast food can sometimes be unavoidable as well when you are on the go and need something quick so I'm not saying it will be complete erased from your lives, but hopefully you will be getting a more balanced diet.

4. You Will Finally Have A Steady Income.

Hopefully you got a career and soon you will start seeing the money roll in, in a steady salary. You will no longer have to worry about not making enough money or working enough hours at your minimum wage job.

5. Hopefully You Will Get A Career That You Will Love Going To Everyday.

Hopefully you will go through the grueling process of trying to find a career and actually find the one you will love. It will be the best feeling to go to a job you want to be at everyday. No more walking up for those dreaded classes that you did not care for that much.

6. No More Paying Tuition; It's Time To Pay It Back.

You will no longer have tuition bills to pay for, which is amazing; however, the sad realization is that it is time to pay it back. Hopefully you can start paying it back right away so you won't be stuck in debt forever.

7. Paying Bills Will Suck, But We Will Be Able To Finally Control And Save Money.

Yes, with graduating and moving out we will have our own bills to pay for, but now we can save and control that money. We will actually be making a salary and we can direct that money were it needs to go even if we aren't thrilled about where it is going.

8. You Get To Start Looking For Your Own Place.

This is a big deal! It is exciting the idea of moving out into your own place. You get to decorate it however you would like making it your own place. You get to chose the location and whether or not you want to live with a roommate. It is a big step in the direction of adulting, but it is an exciting and fun one that I am looking forward to.

9. Decorating Your Own Place.

Some apartments have rules and regulations on what you can do and change to the place, but there are things that you can do to totally make it unique and your own. I'm very excited to get my own place and decorate it myself or with some friends help!

10. Getting A Pet Because You Now Can If You Live On Your Own.

Well if you are living in an apartment you might not be allowed to get all of these ridiculously cute puppies! However, you could probably get a different pet that's all your own until you move out of your apartment and into an actual house.

11. Finally Free From The Restrains Of School.

Schools over! You are graduated and done unless you are planning on going to grad school or back to school in the future. There will be no more homework or quizzes ever again. As good as this makes us feel we all know deep down we are really going to miss it. We prepared our whole lives for this moment. It is time to leave the restrains of school and do what we have prepared for since kindergarten.

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