1. For proving that women can be successful in the field of science.

Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler are nothing less than brilliant. The Big Bang Theory showcases these woman in highly successful careers in the fields of Micro and Neuro-Biology. These two are not to be confused as side-kicks, they are as witty, charming, and extremely intelligent as their male counterparts!

2. For showing there is nothing wrong with eating take-out every night.

If there is anything BBT has taught its viewers, it's that take-out food is the way to go. At least once an episode we catch these guys sitting happily around their coffee table with boxes of Thai food. If that's not happiness then we don't know what is!

3. For letting us know that college and doctorates aren't always for everyone.

Let's face it...we aren't all cut out for as many degrees as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, (1 Bachelors, 2 Masters, and 2 Doctorates). Shoot, some of us aren't even cut out for one degree, and that is perfectly O.K.! Penny and Howard may feel some serious FOMO at times, but these two are just as happy and successful as any other character on the show. Sometimes life isn't always about those straight A's.

4. For portraying a person with Aspergers in a successful and loving way.

Admit it, we love shaking our heads and rolling our eyes at our beloved Sheldon Cooper. Yet, there may be a deeper level to Sheldon's annoying quirks. Although writers of BBT have never admitted that Sheldon has Autism, viewers can agree that his characteristics of attention to detail, repetitive actions, and social awkwardness are all typical of Asperger's Syndrome. Dr. Cooper is not only portrayed as someone on the spectrum, but also as a highly successful physicist, a loving boyfriend, and a loyal friend. We think that is a win-win for Sheldon Cooper!

5. Because nice guys don't always finish last.

These four men truly have opened up our hearts with their love of science, social awkwardness, and their loyalty to the people they care for. As we see the array of men Penny dates in her early years, our appreciation only grows for these dedicated men. They are intelligent, sensitive, and the most attractive, true to themselves. It warms our hearts as each one of them find the love of their life and their happily ever after. #TeamNiceGuys

6. No two relationships are the same, and we are okay with that.

Of course everyone knows the story of the Prom Queen and the Quarterback, but what about the story of the Prom Queen and the Nerd? The story of the bromance? Or even the story of the socially awkward couple? Sheldon and Amy wait almost 4 years before being physical with each other. Penny proposes to Leonard countless of times before the couple elopes. And Raj is happily in love with ... his puppy Cinnamon? Needless to say, there is no such thing as a perfect couple, but this group of people comes pretty damn close.

7. Life has ups and downs, even in sitcoms.

As hilarious as this sitcom is, it does have its heartfelt moments. From the loss of Howard's mother, to the divorce of Raj's parents, viewers are able to relate with any character at almost any given time. Who hasn't almost had their electricity almost shut off like Penny? Or have felt insecure about anything at all like Leonard. Even Sheldon relates to his fans who sometimes are not always the best in social situations. And the best part... they teach us that Life goes on!

8. For showing that strong and smart women are sexy.

The relationship between the three women is sometimes the most compelling. We have two very successful women in Science that learn to feel good in their skin and be proud of the women they are today. Then we have the college drop-out/waitress who learns that you don't always need a college degree to be happy and successful. They truly teach us that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

9. For showing that the world loves a sensitive man.

The character of Rajesh Koothrappali may be on the more secretly complex characters on the show, and we love him! Like most people, all Raj ever wants is for someone to love, and to love him in return. And who couldn't love that adorable accent, impeccable taste for fashion, and his love of throwing parties? If he treats his woman as well as his dog, he may just have a line of women waiting outside of his door.

10. They gave us #FriendshipGoals

Take-out nights, comic book store trips, lunch together every day at work, this group of people definitely know what it takes to be an amazing friend, and we couldn't be more jealous. They might not always get along, they might not always laugh at each other's jokes, but they do care about each other endlessly. The next time you're with your group of friends remember to love and appreciate each of them for who they are and for what they mean to you.