10 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best
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10 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best

We always hear people say that they aren't.

10 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best
Courtney Hibler

Everyone knows about the feud between dogs and cats. Every time there is someone who loves cats it seems as if there are thirty people who love dogs and vice versa. The whole dog and cat feud is silly, but we all still play into it because it gives us the high of believing that we, ourselves, are right no matter what. What better way to jump on the bandwagon then by putting my input out into the world as well? Except this time you will be reading about why I believe cats are a million times better than dogs, but both are still highly adorable.

1. The kitten stage.

We can all agree on one thing whether you like cats or not... They are too stinkin' cute when they're kittens! Their high pitched meows, small pink paws, and the little pounces that they do. They can't get any cuter when jumping ten feet in the air and throwing their paws out in front of them when pouncing on a toy or your lap. It is too adorable and you'll find yourself smiling no matter what mood you happen to be in.

2. Their soft and sometimes loud purr.

To me there is nothing more soothing than listening to your little fur baby purr. When he or she cuddles up on your chest, beside your body, or above your head on the pillow it never fails to put you in a relaxing mood. It's almost as if they are one of those sound machines that help you sleep at night except this is live noise and they also help you feel loved and protected.

3. Their humor.

Okay, so all animals have some type of humor within them, but it is a different story when it comes to cats. Cats are seen as serious, lazy, and all around boring. Have you seen them when they get extremely hyper and playful though? It is like they are an entire different being! The way they slide across the hardwood floors because their claws do not bring them any traction cracks me up. How about when they shake their little butts when they have their eye on something? Too cute!

4. That look they give you.

Every cat person knows what I'm talking about when it comes to this trait. That look. The look where they seem as if they are waiting to kill you in your sleep or attack you as soon as your back is turned. To some this may seem like a red flag as to not get a cat because they are sometimes seen as "evil". That isn't the case though because nine times out of ten, that is just their look that is there twenty-four seven and we love it.

5. The talking.

No, not in the way we humans speak. It is their own language. Their meows hit different octaves when they want something to eat or perhaps just your attention. It sounds annoying, but many cats aren't at all talkative so when you have that one cat who likes to meow at you for whatever reason, it's pretty fun to hold a conversation with them.

6. They are self sufficient.

I cannot stress this enough. Cats are the perfect pet to have if you aren't home a lot or maybe if work/school keeps you from attending to them every minute of every day. Cats are able to use the bathroom by themselves, nibble on their food here and there while making it last for days, and nap quite a bit. Cats are easy to take care of and will always be there if you need a little cuddle.

7. Their cocky personality.

A numerous amount of people believe that no animal has personality to them. Well, cats do! They'll let you know when they don't want to be bothered or if you are entering their territory. They aren't afraid to show it and sometimes that's a good thing!

8. The paws.

If they want attention, other than meowing, they'll paw you gently and look at you with their big eyes like they are the most innocent thing in the world. It is actually one of the best looks you may ever receive.

9. They rarely get dirty.

And if they do then they will clean themselves and save you the trouble in the long run.

10. They bring comfort to you and others.

It is proven that cats bring some type of comforting aura to humans. Bringing them into nursing homes, hospitals, etc. can easily cure a bad mood and make someone's day a bit brighter. Who wouldn't love that?

All in all, every animal is a great animal, but cats just have that certain attraction that makes me want to adopt every single one I come across! Maybe these reasons will sway other animal lovers, who do not even spare a look at a cat, into looking into adopting one and loving them with all their heart. I promise they aren't that bad!

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