10 Reasons I Can't Wait For Spring Break
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10 Reasons I Can't Wait For Spring Break

2. My mother's cooking.

10 Reasons I Can't Wait For Spring Break

It is at that point in the semester where I am ready to return home and visit my family. School work has gotten the best of me and I need a BREAK. These are some of the things I am looking forward to when I go home.

1. No classes.

I get to sleep in for a week, and not be constantly checking the time waiting for a 65 minute lecture to end.

2. My mother's cooking.

Her baked ziti has been calling my name for weeks!

3. My pets.

I can't wait to walk into the house greeted with barking and tail wagging. My social media will be filled with pictures of them.

4. Back to work!

This one may seem strange, but I love my work environment and seeing my coworkers!

5. My church at home.

Some of the best times at home happen there.

6. Hanging out with my brother (aka best friend.)

Trips to the gym and rapping to songs in the car.

7. I need to switch out my wardrobe!

Almost all of my spring clothes are still at home, and I didn't plan for 75 degree weather in February.

8. Catching up with friends from home.

Because it's so hard to keep up when we're at different schools.

9. Warmer weather.

Hopefully warm enough for a beach day. *fingers crossed*

10. More time to work out!

Unlimited trips to the gym at any time!

And all that stands between me and spring break is midterms and a week of classes!

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