10 Reasons Why Burritos Are Better Than Boys

1) They won't leave you empty inside

Burritos have a lot of love to give, they fill you up and leave you happy.

2) They are always there when you need them

Burritos never flake on you, they are always one Chipotle order away and are there for you in a heartbeat.

3) They don't lie to you

Burritos are very honest. They don't try to act like something they're not and they always do what they say they're going to.

4) They don't get jealous

So you got a bowl this time around? Burritos don't care, they know you're unconditional love for them.

5) They are loyal

Burritos will always protect you, cherish you, and listen to you.

6) They don't try hard to impress you

Burritos don't show off to try and win you over, they know you'll appreciate them for who they are.

7) They don't make sexist jokes

Burritos don't care that you have a period, and don't blame every bitch-y thing you say or do on it.

8) They won't leave you cold

Burritos always provide you with warmth and comfort.

9) They help you when you're upset

Burritos know what to do when you're upset, and it actually works.

10) They don't rush you

Burritos give you all the time you need, they are always ready when you are.

We should all appreciate burritos a little more.

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