10 Reasons Why You Should Go See The Avett Brothers
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10 Reasons Why You Should Go See The Avett Brothers

If you're going to invest in concert tickets, this ought to be a show you see.

10 Reasons Why You Should Go See The Avett Brothers
Laura Shanahan

1. Your ticket purchase will be more than worthwhile.

The Avett Brothers perform for an average of over two hours. That's about 30 songs, and most popular artists only have about a 15-20 song set list.

2. Their balance between high-energy and intimacy.

Even though you will probably see them perform in a large arena, they manage to create an intimate feeling between themselves and their audience, to the point where even a whisper may be heard when the cheering of the crowd temporarily ends. This is created during songs such as "Murder In The City", and "I Would Be Sad." On the flip side, they also manage to keep the show at an extremely high level of energy while everyone dances, claps to the beat, and sings along.

3. To witness the brotherly bond.

If Seth and Scott's brotherly camaraderie and antics on stage aren't enough to draw you in, certainly their touching vocal harmonies will have you adoring them. Not to mention Scott's amazing banjo skills and Seth's ripping guitar solos, which seem to feed off of one another.

4. Joe Kwon's hair flips while he rocks out on the cello.

Let's be real, this one speaks for itself. He is just about the coolest cellist ever.

5. Their entertaining theatrics.

At their show in Boone, NC on September 8th, 2016, they played an elongated, striking version of their hit "Slight Figure Of Speech." One particular part that stood out to me was the drum solo, and how they led up to it. The lights dimmed on every side, and one by one, each musician fell to the ground in silence. It was as if they were "playing dead," while the drum solo was coming to life.

6. You will see many sides of the Avett Brothers, and they are not afraid to be themselves.

Even though you may catch them coming out playing kazoos (courtesy of "The D Bag Rag"), this will not stop you from being affected by their touching emotional performances. Their thought-provoking lyrics are just as much a window into their romantic hearts as the kazoo playing is to their playfulness and creativity on stage.

7. They are North Carolina represents.

Based out of Concord, NC, Joe Kwon, Bob Crawford, Seth Avett and Scott Avett all have roots growing up in North Carolina. What more is there to love than a band who has close ties to your home? You can note their familiarity to the state with songs such as "Pretty Girl From Raleigh" and "Pretty Girl From Matthews."

8. Each show has a different set list.

These guys sure know how to keep their fans coming back for more. Even if you have seen them perform once before, you will never be seeing the same exact show twice. Grateful Dead much? I think yes.

9. They are the ultimate stylistic combination.

Folk, bluegrass, rock, pop, rap, and even the energy of punk. You name it, they have it.

10. They are always on tour.

There is ample opportunity to see them, especially if you live in North Carolina. They are almost always on tour, and love to perform all around their home state. Maybe you will get to catch one of their annual New Year's Eve shows. There is no excuse for you to not see them!

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