10 Realities Of Living With Your Significant Other
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10 Realities Of Living With Your Significant Other

Living with your S.O. is a big life change, so get ready.

10 Realities Of Living With Your Significant Other
Ariana Dolce

Living with my boyfriend has been an incredible experience so far, but it is most definitely a life change. I've lived with my family and college roommates, but the dynamic of living with a significant other is it's own entity.

1. 24/7 Cuddle buddy

Well at least I think he's my cuddle buddy all day every day, even when he may be a little resistant.

2. Change the sheets twice as often

I don't know about you, but neither my boyfriend or I are necessarily dry sleepers per say ( We sweat, okay?). That being said, double the sweat, double then amount you have to change your sheets.

3. Double the laundry and dishes

On this trend of doubling, the dishes and the laundry are no stranger to the multiplying. (Load after load, they never seem to go down)

4. Toilet seat left up

He's a guy, he pees standing up (at least he lifts it and doesn't leave a mess). But for real, please save me from falling in every so often and just put the damn seat down.

5. Groceries evaporate

We buy them then poof they're gone! My boyfriend is 6'7" and eats more than any other person I have ever met. (But that doesn't mean I don't give him a run for his money)

6. Finding socks in obscure places

I mean, I find them on my desk, in the couch, under the table, just about anywhere in the apartment.

7. Snoring...every single night

It's really a miracle that I can sleep through anything.

8. Privacy becomes nonexistent

Enough said.

9. Towels...stolen or on the floor

You're getting out of the shower and you go to grab your own towel, it's not there. Oh that's right, it's on the floor in the bedroom.

10. Get to come home to my best friend every day

Regardless of the adjustments you make living with your S.O., you get to come home to your favorite person every day.

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