Finals week is always full of stress, procrastination, anxiety and cramming. Teachers have handed out everything from research papers to group projects to final exams. Sometimes us college students just need a break from the stress that this week brings us. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, just take a few minutes to allow these adorable puppies to brighten up your day!

The first stage of finals week is serious studying ...

But after a while, sometimes we just need to take some time to "hang out" with our friends.

Or take a trip to the beach just to relax.

Or do some yoga.

Or even head to a park and just chill out on the swings!

But make sure you get back to studying ...

And if you get to stressed out again, it never hurts to call home for a little pep talk.

Or go for a short drive just to get out of the library.

Or maybe just take a short nap!

But no matter what, do not overwork yourself and believe in yourself! You will do great :D