College can be rough and finding the perfect way to describe your frustrations can be a daunting task. Lucky for you I have compiled a list of ten perfect Pokemon memes to describe the struggle.

1. That moment when you've been studying all day and finally get a moment to yourself to eat and your roommate decides to try and be cute and interrupt your me-time.

2. When you wake up after a night out and have no clue where you are.

3. When you're walking on the corner at night and you see the douchebags prowling around in their cars.

4. When you're in the library and really don't want to talk to anybody you know.

5. When you finally get a break from working and all your friends are already out or have made plans without you.

6. When you plan everything perfectly and work tirelessly and someone else pulls out ahead of you with no effort.

7. When you got an exam the next day and anything and everything is keeping you up.

8. When you finally get your exam or paper grade back after days of nonstop work and studying.

9. How I feel at the gym versus the others around me.

10. How you feel after finally finishing with classes after a long day.