10 Places To Volunteer At In Grand Rapids, MI
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10 Places To Volunteer At In Grand Rapids, MI

Here are some opportunities to help out our community.

10 Places To Volunteer At In Grand Rapids, MI
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Are you looking for a way to serve in the Grand Rapids community? Here are some places that could use your help. Many of them can be seen also at servegr.com.

1. Bethany Christian Services

There are a variety of services you could work with at Bethany, an organization which services seek to help with refugees, immigrants, children, adoption, and many other people in need. Here are some ways you could help.

Mentor: Spend time once a week with at risk children and teens, being a positive role model.

Tutor: Help youth, adults, or families with English and/or homework.

Thrift Store: Aid in the display and merchandise in Bethany’s Thrift Store.

Resettlement: Help with the move in and set up of local housing for Refugee.

Transporter: Drive clients to and from appointments; Mileage is reimbursed.

Clerical Aid: Assist with special mailings, answering telephones, or data entry.

Special Events: Help with Bethany-sponsored events and fundraisers.

Childcare: Babysit during Foster Parent Trainings.

2. Roosevelt Park Ministries

Roosevelt Park Ministries is always seeking more teachers and tutors to teach English to Spanish speakers. No level of Spanish is required to take on this role. It could be a once a week commitment or more if interested.

3. Crossroads Prison Ministry

Once a week, via mail.

Mentors are needed to grade Bible lessons for inmates via mail, and write encouraging notes once a week.

4. American Cancer Society

As you’re available.

What is needed are drivers to drive cancer patients to and from their treatment appointments.

5. Community Food Club

2-hour shifts; as you're available.

Check-out club members with a simple computer system and help them bag their groceries while providing a friendly, hospitable experience. Really simple, and really fun to help out people in the community with their groceries who otherwise could not afford them.

6. Samaritas

1 hour/week for 3 months.

Cultural Mentor - Partner with a newly resettled refugee family by helping with daily life, like grocery shopping, visiting parks, using the library, speaking English, etc.

7. The Salvation Army Social Services

3-5 hours per month for approximately 6 months.

Build a relationship with a family who has recently experienced homelessness and is now in permanent housing.

8. Holland Home

Weekly, every other week, or monthly for 6+ months.

Facilitate an interactive group game for older adults at Holland Home's Raybrook Manor.

9. Hospice of Michigan

2-4 hours/month; flexible schedule.

Assist patients in recording memories or lessons learned so that loved ones can listen to the recording for years to come.

10. Emmanuel Hospice

4+ hours/month, as you’re available.

Hospice Companion - Visit terminally ill people in hospice care: read books, hold their hand, chat, do puzzles, and simply let your presence offer support.

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