7 Places To Call Home For The Summertime
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7 Places To Call Home For The Summertime

Summer is the perfect time to rest and to have fun. It allows us to disconnect from our obligations and to take care of ourselves, so that we can resume, with even more energy, the courses or the work. Here is a great list of interesting, entertaining or relaxing places to visit during your summer vacation:

7 Places To Call Home For The Summertime
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As summertime is approaching, everyone is looking for a location to spend even a day during this season regardless their work schedules and other business plans.

Summer is the season of the day being longer than the night which is amazing because we have a plethora of activities to do. It is also hotter during the summer, so the waterparks, beaches, and pools are usually where we will call home and spend most of our times unless you have a busy schedule. Thus, a day escape is quite enough to make our summertime memorable. Are you still looking for ideas of places to call home during the summer?

Here is a list of beautiful and fun places to be.

1. Decameron, Haiti

Decameron, the Haitian Jewel, is located between the sea and the mountains of the island. It is surrounded by a natural park and white sand beaches.

Decameron currently has the spotlight when it comes to relaxing, vacation, wedding etc. If you are looking for somewhere to fulfill your travel experience, this is your place. It is a beachfront resort with an on-site restaurant, many fun activities including canoeing, buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner, an outdoor swimming pool, nightclub with unlimited drinks etc.

2. Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys are the perfect place for a beautiful getaway in a special place, both nonchalant and rebellious, and always very seductive.

The city occupies all of the last of the islands from which it derives its name and a set of islets that surround it. It has a very laid-back vibe, immersed in a world of street singers, artists, outdoor cafes, friendly terraces. Duval Street is the nighttime Rendez-Vous for all that Florida has to party-goers, especially on the weekends. I spent 6 hours walking and visiting places in Key West without getting tired or having the feeling of going back to the hotel.

The Key West Aquarium, which was the first of its kind in Florida, is a beautiful discovery that it would be a shame to miss. It is located next to the docks, between a sponge market, seafood bars, and tourist attractions ranging from tame iguana demonstrations to fire-breathing shows.

3. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is actually the name of the entire state that includes this archipelago of paradise islands lost in the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago is made up of more than 130 islands, including six main islands: Oahu, Hawaii or "The Big Island, " Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai - followed by Niihau and Kahoolawe.

Each island is different and interesting, with the cliffs of Kauai, the shores of Waikiki Beach on Ohau, the sandy beaches of Papohaku Beach on Molokai, the crystal clear waters and the dolphins of Hulopoe Bay on Lanai, the volcanoes of Hawaii The Big Island.

What does "a few days of paradise in the Aloha State" look like.

You, under a coconut tree, they go for a walk near a volcano, him, lying on a surf, and she canoes on turquoise waters ... After a stay in Hawaii, the photo albums are filled, the travel books are blackened and memories are imperishable. Romantic lovers, adventurers, athletes or families, all want to discover and enjoy this lost paradise of the Pacific. And you? You should already be on the plane because you just read the following.

4. Havana, Cuba

Havana, a charming old town, is quite unique. the dilapidated colonial buildings, the colorful houses and especially the presence of the old American cars in its streets give it an undeniable charm. it became the largest port in the region and the largest group of new-world shipyards between the 16th and 18th century. it is a rather noisy city, musicians settle everywhere on the sidewalks and start traditional music with their local instruments. Havana lives and resides through its inhabitants.

5. Cap Rouge

For seaside tourism, the North West Department is home to one of the 10 most beautiful in the Caribbean: the Pointe Ouest beach on Turtle Island. Adjoining the village of Anse-à-Foleur, the "Pointe desIcarques" is a beach of incredible beauty. Near the city of Port-Paix, boaters can have a good time on the beaches of "Baie des Moustiques" and " Hauts Fourneaux"; while the city of Saint-Louis du Nord is, with reason, proud of "Maïgotte", "Vilarceau", "Berger" and "Cap Rouge". The municipality of Môle Saint-Nicolas, meanwhile, has everything to be the flagship tourist destination of the country. Its geographical position, its history, its sublime beaches, and its heritage sites are unique.

6. Barbados

Barbados offers three coasts with different atmospheres.

If you go east, you will find yourself facing the restless Atlantic Ocean and rocky bays. If you opt for the west coast - as do the Jay-Z, Beyonce and Jon Bon Jovi of this world - you will enjoy a calm sea, turquoise and lined with hotels and upscale restaurants. And if you bet on the south, you will mix with tourists, surfers, and residents in lively villages and beautiful white sand beaches.

7. Cancun, Mexico

Do you want to know a secret? shhh, don't tell anyone. Do you remember those childhood dreams where you ended up on an idyllic beach to play from morning to night? Such a paradise exists for the older ones and it is waiting for you. Yes, put the jerseys and flip-flops in a suitcase: Cancún is looking forward to welcoming you! With its white sandy beaches, its warm waters and a ton of small umbrellas with fruity drinks, it's the climax of nirvana! Here's the beginner's guide to what you need to know to enjoy Cancún to the fullest:

The Caribbean countries have the beaches that will take away your breath. You do not have to be Caribbean to enjoy summertime in any of those places. Finding yourself suddenly with a lot of free time, it can happen that one is out of inspiration and that it is difficult to find good activities to take care of.

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