10 Pictures That Make Me Say, "That Will Be Me When I'm Old."

We all have that one crazy family member who is always the first one drunk at the family gatherings, the loudest voice in a room full of people, makes the awkward jokes about the kids of the family growing up, and who is the life of the party in any situation. When I'm old, I refuse to be anything less than extraordinary. Here are ten pictures that make me want to say, "That will be me when I'm old!"

I'm going to be a grandma that wants to rock and roll all night, and party every day! And I will always fight for my right to party!

We all have that one grandma who never lets you be hungry for more than one second. I luckily have y=three grandmas who are this way! You always hear them say "You hungry? Want me to make some cookies? You sure? They're chocolate chip, your favorite!" I will be the kind of grandma who fills her grandkid's stomachs until they overflow.

Poker night will be every night. $10 buy in, everybody antes. This grandma takes her poker game very seriously. And no, I will not let you win!

Mess with my grandkid and you'll hear me saying "New phone who dis?"

"I'm not like all the other grandmas, I'm a cool grandma!"

Enough said.

Yes, I will use two cans of hairspray a day. And yes, I will eat my chocolate cake because hey, I'm old. Not getting any younger here! I'll still look fabulous in my tiger print jacket though!

I may be old, but I can still see the haters. And when that happens, I'll simply throw my shades on and get on with life.

You better believe my grandkids will leave the house every time with lipstick marks all over their faces. I wouldn't be a proper grandma if they didn't. Isn't that grandma rule #1?

What is a grandma without a grandpa? I cannot wait to build a life with someone based around love, faith and happiness. To watch our children grow up one day to become parents themselves will be the greatest blessing of all. And I could not enjoy it without the man who helped me create it all by my side.

Remember to live your life with no regrets. Enjoy every moment as it is and remember that you only get this one life to live. Before we know it we all will be grandmas and I know when I am, I will want to be just like all of the ones mentioned above. But hey, lets be honest, I am in no rush to get there!

Remember to hug your grandparents tight and tell them you love them; everyday spent with them is precious!

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