10 Overwhelming Facts You Probably Didn't Know Before Reading This
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10 Overwhelming Facts You Probably Didn't Know Before Reading This

I hope some of these figures help put my life, your life, our lives, the planet, and the universe in a different perspective

10 Overwhelming Facts You Probably Didn't Know Before Reading This

1. Over 2500 planets have been discovered outside of our solar system by the Kepler Spacecraft.

Those are only planets that have been discovered through our current technology. There are at least 200 billion galaxies in our universe, which then estimates the total number of planets to be 1024.

2. Nikola Tesla, a Serbian immigrant born in the 19th century and electrical genius, invented a global system of free energy.

His investor that financed the project, J.P. Morgan, eventually withdrew support when he realized Tesla’s ideas threatened the fossil fuel industry- the industry in which J.P. Morgan accumulated his wealth.

3. Global human population growth is increasing by 1.1% annually, or 75 million people per year.

This prediction leads us to an estimate of almost 10 billion human beings on this planet by the 2050’s.

4. The caps of 99.99% of water bottles are NOT recyclable. If it is recyclable it will have the recycling logo on it.

5. Americans waste $165 billion dollars of food every year, which roughly equivalents 35 million tons of food.

On average, that’s about $2,000 of food that each American wastes each year.

6. Americans consume about 385 million gallons of gasoline every day.

That rounds out to roughly 140 billion gallons of gasoline every year with that number steadily increasing. This rate of usage does not take into account any other country that uses gasoline, only the United States.

7. On average, Americans watch over 5 hours of television every day.

As a comparison, the average American only does 17 minutes of fitness-related activities each day.

8. In the 1970’s, an ancient text dated back to the 3rd century AD was found in Egypt.

The name of the text: “The Gospel of Judas”. This is not the only gospel that has been found but not included in the modern day Christian bible.

9. The letter “J” was not created until the 17th century.

There is no record of this letter in the Greek or Hebrew alphabets. This means Jesus was not his given name and has never been called by this name until more modern times.

10. In the most recent global rankings on student performance in math, reading and science, the U.S. ranked 40th, 24th, and 25th, respectively.

The ranking of 40th places the U.S. well below the global average in mathematics. The U.S. barely ranked above average in the categories of reading and science. If you want some funny insight as to how bad Americans are with math- here’s an article to read: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/everybody-is-...

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