10 Nashville Murals You Must Visit

10 Nashville Murals You Must Visit

And you thought we were only known for our country music?

Nashville has always prided itself on its music, food and an overall amazing atmosphere. But now it’s insanely talented wall art has taken a hold on much of the culture. There are countless Instagram photos dedicated to showing off the street art Nashville has to offer. If you ever find yourself in Nashville and have some spare time between visiting amazing restaurants and taking in the country music history, stop by some of these beautiful works of art.

12th South

1. “I Believe in Nashville”: 2706 12th Ave. S.

Above all else, visit this mural. It will show off that Nashville pride all of us Tennesseans have and is a favorite to many, including Reese Witherspoon as seen above.

2. Draper James stripes: right across from “I Believe in Nashville.”

3. Flowers Mural: 2900 12th Ave. S, on the side of Green Pea Salon.

West End

4. Import Flowers: off of Murphy Road on the side of the old Import Flowers building.

Hillsboro Village

5. Kay Bob’s Grill & Ale: 1602 21st Ave. S.

6. Dragon Mural: Hillsboro Village between Posh and Pangea boutiques.

The Gulch

7. What Lifts You Wings: 302 11th Ave. S.

An amazingly beautiful 20-foot high piece of art created by Kelsey Montague. The Juice Bar and Biscuit Love are also right around the corner - two great stops for awesome food and drinks.


8. Road to the Skyline: on the side of Legend's Corner on the downtown strip

East Nashville

9. DCXV's, “Stay Tuned” Mural: 625 Main St.

10. East Nashville: 600 Main St.

And you thought we were only known for our country music?

Cover Image Credit: www.tennessean.com

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5 Winter Books To Snuggle Up With This Next Coldfront

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Throughout my life, I have always had a difficult time managing my money from the second that I stepped into a bookstore. If I didn't come out with at least three books, the trip wasn't a successful one. And now that I am a bit older and my mind is a bit wiser, I still have yet to change a thing about my financial habits concerning the wonders of fiction.

However, instead of looking at this in a negative light, I choose to say that my book addiction aids in me writing these articles because now I can share the love of my favorite books this season with all of you. So if you are looking for something that will capture your attention and enthrall you into spring, then look no further than my personal library.

1. "A Paris Apartment" by Michelle Gable

This story includes the roller-coaster life that furniture appraiser, April Vogt, is currently experiencing as a rocky marriage, a unique lawyer, and a surprising 200-year-old apartment filled with jaw-dropping treasures all fill up her life at once. And I know the fact that this story is about a furniture appraiser sounds absolutely dreadful, don't let that little detail skew your initial impressions about this book.

April Vogt is a one-of-a-kind person who has lived with some pretty tough life events and she happens to stumble upon an apartment that was once owned by a woman who is just as special as her. This woman, Marthe de Florian, has managed to collect furniture, paintings, and artifacts from all of the prominent people within the last 200-years of history and she has also left behind a series of journals that April is absolutely addicted to.

The only troubling matter is is Marthe de Florian the person that she claims she is? And why has she and her apartment been hiding in the shadows years after her death?

2. "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie

This book was one that made my reading list with the movie that came out with it. And even though I know people will tell me there is no point reading the book when I already saw the movie, I heavily disagree. I always have to read the novel before I see its cinematic sister because I know there are some weighted differences in what they shoot versus what is written.

It is also note-worthy to read something that was way before your time seeing that it was published in 1934 and by an author who is so critically acclaimed for her writing. Agatha Christie is simply a genius ahead of her time, and trust me when I say that you will never guess the true culprit of this crime.

Warning: I only have one piece of advice and that is to have some sort of a French to English dictionary near you or an online translator because they mutter some French every few pages and it helps to know exactly what those key phrases mean.

3. "The Woman in Cabin 10" by Ruth Ware

To be completely honest with you, this is a book that I bought for my mom (we are avid book readers as well as book exchangers) that I was so absolutely desperate to read. So the second that she unwrapped in and set it on the table, I considered it fair game for me to read (I may exaggerate the time frame, but in my head, that's exactly how it happened).

This piece of literature is my exact definition of a murder mystery. But instead of a bunch of people trying to figure out who the murderer is, it is one person who is convinced that she saw a murder of the woman who occupied Cabin 10.

However, upon informing the security on the boat, it has come to her attention that nobody had ever checked into that room. So was there even a murder? Or even worse, was there even a woman?

4. "Under a Silent Moon" by Elizabeth Haynes

This book was one that reeled me in purely by the price that was slapped on the front cover. It just happened to be one of the clearance items in Barnes and Noble, and you better believe I jumped when I saw it.

But the price really isn't relaying the worth of this book because it really did capture my attention from the first few pages. It tells a story of two deaths that look like apparent homicide-then-suicide killings, but it really is a series of events that is much deeper than that.

Crime and mystery books are definitely my guilty pleasure so I sat down on my couch with a coffee in one hand and this book in the other, and read cover to cover in a matter of a few hours. If you don't think this book can keep you on edge, I don't think you're deserving of it.

5. "The Museum of Heartbreak" by Meg Leder

The easy flow of writing and cute dialogue within this book really reminded me of one of my favorite novels which was "The Start of Me and You" written by Emery Lord. I can definitely see this book being one you can toss in your purse and read on the go or knock out within a single afternoon of "me time."

Of course, you will have to take yourself back a few years into your teenage years and try to remember what the daily problems were for someone smack in the middle of puberty, but I think we can all relate to our younger, high school selves. Overall, it was just an absolute pleasure to read and left me with a goofy romantic smile on my face after I finished the last page.

Cover Image Credit: Taylor Ferraro

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