10 Must-Pack Spring Break Items

10 Must-Pack Spring Break Items

Time to get some Vitamin-Sea!

If you walk across a college campus, it's almost a guarantee that you'll hear the question "What are you doing for spring break?" at least once. With February coming to an end and March drawing near, spring breaks are about to make their appearances. It's time to begin packing for a much-needed break from the stress of academics and prepare to soak up sunshine, and here are 10 Spring Break Must-Pack items to get you started:

1. Tickets

Your ticket to a week of freedom.

2. Swimsuit

Time to get some Vitamin-Sea! Did you really spring break if you didn't swim in the ocean?

3. Rompers

One word: adorable.

4. Shorts

Throw them over your swimsuit or dress them up with a cute tank top.

5. Sandals/Flip-flops

Cute and functional.

6. Sunglasses

To block out the haters... and the sun.

7. Sea salt spray

Must have those beach-waves.

8. Camera

Do it for the Insta!

9. Sunscreen

So you don't turn into a lobster...

10. Water bottle

Have to stay hydrated!

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The 5 Dos While Traveling

Collect moments, not things.

Traveling is so much fun! Instead of buying expensive things, your money could be spent on flights to grand places. Over the years of being able to take flights to a couple of different places, I've learned my fair share of lessons. But here are 5 tips that could help get through your traveling journeys.

1. Pack your carry on luggage light and your check-in back heavy.

2. Take earphones.

3. Stay warm.

4. Dress comfy.

5. Relax.

Happy travels!

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The 7 Things No Self-Respecting Srat Girl Leaves For Spring Break Without

Can't forget anything, campus will be closed!

Know where you're going. Don't pack beach clothes for a ski trip and vice versa. Also, try to pack light. (This is totally directed at myself.) I'm about to embark on a beach trip with THREE boys so if I don't pack light they might not be too happy with me. One bag only, Crimson, you got this.

1. Swimsuits

Normal clothes (i.e. Nike shorts and T-shirts) are perfect for putting on as a cover-up over your swimsuit, going somewhere casual to eat, and even pajamas. A true triple threat.

2. The Flag

OK, I know it's super basic. I'm definitely bringing the flag and getting another beach pic with it.

3. Going Out Clothes

On the rare chance we might go somewhere that requires a little more effort than a T-shirt and shorts, bringing a going out outfit or two might not be a bad choice.

4. Makeup

I don't know about anyone else, but my hair gets a little unruly at the beach. So I will not be bringing my flatiron. My makeup, however, is a different story. If we go out I've got to look nice!

5. Sunglasses

I try to always take multiple pairs of sunglasses with me when I go to the beach. A nice pair for the ride down and the ride home, and some cheap pairs I wouldn't cry over if I lost.

6. Tavel Cups

I have a really bad habit of not being able to make a road trip without having something to drink. Even if it causes frequent stops to go to the bathroom. Having a Tervis or something similar is perfect to have on any road trip, not just spring break.

7. Playlists

SEE ALSO: 70 Throwback Songs That Complete The Perfect Spring Break Road Trip Playlist

I can't wait for the playlists to be made. Riley has enough music to keep everyone happy and makes really great playlists. I might be slightly biased though.

Cover Image Credit: Georgia Gallagher

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