10 Most Emotional Beatles Songs
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10 Most Emotional Beatles Songs

A tribute to the original boy band that dominated the 1960s with Beatlemania.

10 Most Emotional Beatles Songs

The Beatles have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. My parents introduced my sister and I to them at a very young age and we have loved them ever since. Through The Beatles, I have found ways to connect and bond to my family. In the past year I had the opportunity to see Paul McCartney live in concert, and I could have died right after and been perfectly content with my life.

When looking at their widespread popularity and success, ranking songs by The Beatles becomes a difficult feat and every list you look at will be different. They have so many great songs that narrowing them down to 10 is nearly impossible. I have compiled this list of 10 emotional Beatles songs that I have been most affected by. In the process of making this list I gave up on trying to rank them, so the following songs are in no particular order, but are the ten I have found to be most powerful.

1. Yesterday

Written by Paul McCartney, “Yesterday” is the most covered pop song of all time. This song looks back longingly to a happier life full of love. Songs about heartbreak and lost loves are everywhere today, but this one in particular is devastating in the pain coming through the lyrics and melody. The sadness of losing someone you care for so earnestly is portrayed beautifully.

2. Blackbird

This song is about the civil rights struggle for black Americans, symbolized by the blackbird, during the race riots. Only three sounds are present in the recording: Paul’s voice, his guitar and a tapping. Though the bird is beaten down and broken by the world, it learns to fly and overcome all odds. Black Americans during the riots proved their bravery and this song is a tribute to how resilient and admirable they are.

3. Let It Be

During a time of struggle within the band, Paul wrote this song about how everything will work out for the best if you let it be. He describes seeing his late mother in a dream, telling him if he maintains hope and has faith, he will be all right. Paul’s dear mother Mary, who died when he was 14, brought him peace in his worst times. The emotion behind this song comes through in his voice.

4. Long and Winding Road

This is the type of song that each individual listener can find his or her own meaning for. Broadly, it is a love song about caring for someone or something, facing roadblocks and a very difficult road, yet always ending up in the place you belong. Whether that place is being with the person you love or finding your true home, this song can be interpreted in many ways. It was released close to when The Beatles broke up, so it could in fact be about their struggle to stay together and the inevitable acceptance that breaking up may be the right thing to do. Though getting there is hard and bumpy, in the end everything happens for a reason and works out for the best.

5. In My Life

Beginning as a reminiscence of the past, the speaker in this song describes whom he has met and the places he has been. Though he remembers them with happiness and knows a lot of it has changed, none of it compares to how he feels about the person in his life he currently loves the most. “In My Life” is a melancholy love song describing a love that is almost indescribable. By expressing how deeply he cherishes his past, his love for this partner is shown to be that much stronger.

6. Hey Jude

When John Lennon and his wife split up, Paul wrote this song to Lennon’s son, Julian, to keep his head up following the divorce. The lyrics encourage Julian to let in someone new, perhaps Yoko Ono, and once he can learn to be accepting and optimistic, his life will get better. Though directed at Julian, this song can be applied to anyone experiencing pain to let them know anything can improve once they open up their hearts.

7. Eleanor Rigby

The combination of heartbreaking lyrics and eerie melody provide for a tragic song. It makes the listener think about all the lonely people in the world who aren’t as fortunate to be surrounded by people they love. What happens when those people pass away and no one is there to mourn them? Those are the types of questions this song addresses. They are the questions people don’t like to think about, but The Beatles explore them in a striking way.

8. Oh Darling

Another heart wrenching song of love, “Oh Darling” was sung by Paul begging a partner to remain with him. He desperately asks for forgiveness and expresses how lost he would be without her. It is painful in its rawness and is relatable to anyone who has watched someone they loved dearly leave their life.

9. Here Comes the Sun

Like “Let it Be, “ this is another song that gives hope to others in times of hardship, but this one was written by George Harrison. It has a more upbeat and hopeful melody, giving the feeling that good times are just around the corner. It’s a great song to listen to when you are feeling down and want to raise up your spirits.

10. Golden Slumber/Carry That Weight/In the End

Lennon, McCartney and Harrison all play lead guitar at the end of this medley. The three songs flow beautifully into each other, creating a cohesive piece that at the same time carries three distinct feelings. “Golden Slumbers” was inspired by a poem about wanting to return home and find comfort in the ones who love you. It implies something has been lost along the way, be it innocence or even someone’s life, where they can no longer return home. “Carry That Weight” then follows with the description of carrying that emotional weight throughout life and dealing with pain that doesn’t quite go away. “In the End” wraps up the song with one of the most famous lyrics by The Beatles: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” This emotional line is a statement to live by, giving out kindness and love to others if you want to receive it in return.

The Beatles have an endless amount of beautifully written songs that are true forms of art. These are just 10 that have emotionally affected me the most, and they are the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge would be to try to find songs by The Beatles that I don’t like or can’t relate to in some way. This band is timeless and I will forever be grateful for the connections I was able to make with my family through our mutual love for them. They left a huge mark on the music industry and their influence will be heard in many years to come.

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