Okay Massachusetts, what is your deal?

The towns and cities in the region of the Commonwealth seriously make no sense when it comes to pronunciation. I feel bad for people that are not from Massachusetts or the New England area because these names are tough. The spelling seems too easy at times and just ends up confusing people. These names were designed to be difficult to pronounce so if you are not from Massachusetts, it is okay, because these names would trick anyone. I am from Worcester (Wuss-ter) and I still have difficulty trying to remember the correct way to say and spell these towns and cities. Here are 10 Massachusetts towns and cities that would give any outsider trouble to pronounce (I included the correct pronunciation, so please enjoy):

1. Worcester (Wuss-ter)

Located within an hour of Boston, Worcester, or 'War-chester' to most is a fairly large city located around various towns in Massachusetts. Do not worry if you have pronounced this one wrong, it confuses everyone.


2. Leicester (Lester)

"Lay-chester", um no sorry, that one is not correct. Leicester (Lester) is located in Worcester county and sure has that small town atmosphere. There are local small businesses and most people in this town know each other.


3. Leominster (Lemon-ster)

Leominster is located in Worcester County and is a smaller city. I always have difficulty spelling Leominster because I write the way I am supposed to say the city.

4. Scituate (Sit-choo-it)

This one is tough, so do not be hard on yourself. I will let you in on a little secret, I do not pronounce this one right and I am from Massachusetts! Scituate is a smaller town located in Plymouth County between Boston and Plymouth. I have never been to Scituate, but have heard that it is absolutely beautiful. I have heard so many different pronunciations for Scituate and it always gives me a good laugh to hear a new pronunciation.

5. Cochituate (Koe-chich-choo-it)

Located in the town of Wayland, Cochituate, is a census-designated place within Middlesex County. There is a beautiful state park where you can rent kayaks and go swimming. I go to school near Cochituate and still have difficulty pronouncing it correctly so this one is extremely tough for outsiders.

6. Peabody (Pee-buddy)

Peabody seems too easy to pronounce and that is why I think most people do not know how to correctly pronounce it. It is located in Essex county and is a decent sized city. Do not let this city fool you because it is hard to remember the correct way to pronounce it.

7. Gloucester (Glaw-ster)

'Glow-chester' is not quite the correct pronunciation, but I always hear people from outside of Massachusetts pronounce it this way. Gloucester is a city located in Essex County and is a part of Cape Ann. It is located near the ocean and has some beautiful beaches.

8. Haverhill (Have-rull)

Just like Peabody, Haverhill seems too easy to pronounce. Do not be fooled, it is always mispronounced. Haverhill is a city located in Essex County. It is located on the Merrimack River.

9. Needham (Need-um)

Needham is another "too easy" town name. It is so hard to remember that this is not said directly as it is spelled. Needham is a small town located in Norfolk County. It is a Boston suburb is fairly close to Wellesley.

10. Methuen (Meth-oo-in)

My mom always laughs at me because I never pronounce Methuen the right way. Methuen is a city located in Essex County. I have never been to Methuen probably because I can never spell or say it correctly.

I hope you enjoyed the list I came up with it. Massachusetts makes things difficult with the spelling, which confuses locals as well as outsiders. Just know that you are not alone. If you are looking for an experiment, go out and ask people how to spell and pronounce these towns correctly, you sure will be in for a good laugh.