10 Less Talked About Shows You Need To Binge On Netflix Right Now
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10 Less Talked About Shows You Need To Binge On Netflix Right Now

If you haven't already, that is.

10 Less Talked About Shows You Need To Binge On Netflix Right Now

1. Arrested Development

One of the funniest, most clever shows I have ever watched. You're rewarded if you stick with it -- there are subtle nuances and jokes that are weaved into every season. The cast is perfect and a young awkward Michael Cera is the best Michael Cera. Thank me later.

2. Nurse Jackie

So real, so tragic, so good. You'll laugh and cry, as you root for anti-hero Jackie as she struggles with addiction. Trust me on this one, it's too good to pass up.

3. United States of Tara

One of Showtimes greatest shows followed Tara and her multiple personalities as her and her family deal with the tumultuous life that comes with them. While the show premise packs a punch, it's anything but a serious show and is absolutely a must watch.

4. The Fall

This one is a Netflix Original, so you know it's good. The entire show revolves around a Criminal Minds-esque murderer and the detective dead-set on catching him. If you're into crime dramas, this is a MUST for you. Plus, Jamie Dornan a.k.a. Christian Grey is the bad guy, and it features his natural Irish accent. Droooool.

5. Sense8

One of the strangest, most intriguing shows I have ever watched. A sci-fi drama that centers around 8 people who's birthdays and consciousnesses are all interconnected. The diversity of the group is also astonishing. I don't quite know how to explain this one because figuring out what's going on is half the fun of watching it. Check it out.

6. The Great British Baking Show

If you watch the Food Network at all, you have to check this one out. The contestants are sweeter than their insanely talented desserts, and their accents will make you insanely happy. It's like Chopped or Cupcake Wars on steroids.

7. Weeds

Much less talked about than it used to be, but this show doesn't disappoint. Mary-Louise Parker is absolutely hilarious as Nancy Botwin, a California suburb mom turned drug dealer after her husband's death. It's as funny as it sounds.

8. Private Practice

Unless you're an OG Shondaland fan you might not have seen this Grey's Anatomy spin-off. The show, which features Derek's ex-wife Addison as well as his younger sister, later on, gives a good insight into some people's least favorite character. We're all so busy rooting for MerDer in Grey's we miss out on the fact that Addison is actually a badass.

9. Lie to Me

Another crime drama. This one keeps you interested because of the 'super-power' the main character has. Slightly unbelievable, but also easy to get sucked into. He can tell when anyone is lying, which means the good guys usually win.

10. Black Mirror

Think of it as today's X-Files. Each episode revolves around its own story and features a new and twisted technology based thrill. I don't want to give any examples because that's the whole point, but if that sounds like something even remotely interesting... you gotta check it out.

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