10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the Lazy Girl

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the Lazy Girl

Easy but still cute.


For those of you who are freaking out because Halloween is coming up in a few days, and you have not yet gotten a costume. Here is your expert list on the 10 last minute costumes every lazy girl wears, but don’t worry you will still look spooktacular.

1. One of the pink ladies

Just throw on some black leggings a pink bomber jacket, and a pink bandana around your neck and voila. To add some glam, you can curl your hair, wear hoop earrings and black strappy heels.

2. Minnie Mouse

Put on your best polka dot skirt and a red blouse, and top it off with a polka dot hair bow. Minnie is cute and understated, perfect for a night in making spooky treats with your girlfriends.

3. A Rocker

We all know you have that acid wash jean skirt hiding in your closet somewhere and a band T lying around. Pair them with a bold red lip, fishnet stockings and crimped hair, and you are all set for a hard core night.

4. Anything with ears

The biggest go to is any cute animal that has ears. A bunny, a mouse, a cat are all easy to put together at the last minute. Grab a headband from forever 21 or icing and rock you favorite pair of black leggings and ankle boots.

5. A Disney Princess

Anyone can pull off the Disney princess look, just add a tutu and a tiara to literally any colored T or tights. Add a yellow tutu to a blue T and you are good to go. Add a pink tutu to a pink blouse and you’ll look just like sleeping beauty.

6. Risky Business

This may be the simplest Halloween costume of them all. White button-up, white gym socks and black shades. Most of these things you can find in your own closet, so it won’t cost you a cent. This is a classic “cool girl” costume to ensure your badass street cred.

7. Monsters Inc.

Get a couple oversized green, purple and blue T shirts and go with your gal pals as Mike, Sully, and Boo. You’ll need fabric markers and pig tails to pull off the look but it is a timeless costume, that will leave your friends jealous.

8. Marilyn Monroe

All you’ll need is a white halter dress, classic red lipstick, and a curling iron. And maybe some black eyeliner to draw a faux beauty mark. Marilyn Monroe was a fashion and style icon and will always be remembered for her beauty and style. What better way to show your love than dressing as her for Halloween.

9. A Witch

This is a throwback to elementary school guys, but what is the easiest costume someone could throw together at the last minute? A witch! Grab a pointy black hat from target or walmart or you could even find one in the back of your closet. Pair your scary hat with an all black ensemble and add a little green eyeshadow or face paint to your look.

10. Candy Corn

That right, a white hat, orange T, and yellow tights. You can find all of these essential items at any walmart, target or forever 21 near you.

That concludes our top 10 halloween costumes for the lazy girl, have a fun and safe halloween.

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