I always wanted to live the MySpace dream life throughout my middle school career. The G-note start to The Black Parade and Avril Lavigne was my everything.

The one thing that was missing from my almost-punk lifestyle was the accompanied wardrobe and style. The MySpace angles of feathered hair and black nails were once my goals. If I could create that dream wardrobe again, one that I didn't wear in middle school, this is what would be in it.

1. Black pieces of clothing

One always needs a ready supply of black clothes to wear as the punkest of kids. The only issues here are making sure everything is the same shade.

2. Graphic tees

Graphic tees were the funnest part of the wardrobe that I already owned but definitely needed more merch tees.

3. Avril Lavigne's entire closet

I wanted everything that Avril wore and performed in - especially the skull hoodies...

...the ripped tees and striped belts...

...and the multiple bracelets and red eye makeup.

4. Striped Socks and Converse

This was one of the more classic combinations we see in those Did You Wear This in the 2000s articles that are everywhere.

5. Studded everything

The studs were the word. Studded bracelets, gloves, and overall jewelry were necessary to be *hardcore*.

6. Black skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans were more readily accessible—and more everyday wear—than the other components of my dream wardrobe. But inherently more difficult to get on...

7. Colorful hair

This last year I finally got the teal hair of my dreams! All that color power in my middle school years would have definitely resulted in the crisping up and falling out of all my hair.

8. Black nail polish

Wore this stuff aplenty, but could never get the cute little designs down.

9. Dark Makeup and Scene Hair

10. The Black Parade Military Jacket

My Chemical Romance went beyond being the prominent punk-rock group of the time. Their music was more than the lyrics and I truly wished to go to their concert until they broke up a few years ago. Their legendary jackets were the must-haves every punk kid wanted.

I have changed the way that I put together my wardrobe nowadays, especially since I get to determine what my wardrobe looks like. I still incorporate the vibe into my current look but have changed it to match the personality that fits me best.