10 Inconvenient Things Only Short People Feel
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10 Inconvenient Things Only Short People Feel

There are many down sides to being short.

10 Inconvenient Things Only Short People Feel
Jaclynn Kasper

1. Clothes don't always fit right

Girls that are short know the endless struggle of clothes not fitting right. We have to role up our skinny jeans, role up our shorts and maxi skirts. We cant wear long prom dresses without 6-8 inch heels, and we can't wear certain dresses because we are too short for them.

2. We are always seen as a "child"

Because we are short, people tend to think that we are much younger than we actually are. Our height makes it seem like we are a kids when we are not. Our age doesn't matte,r but it is how we look to people that matters more.

3. People always think we need help

I will say that I like to be an independent women, or at least feel like I can be independent. But just because you are short, everyone constantly feels obligated to ask if you need help. While sometimes they are being nice, it just gets annoying at a certain point because it's a question that gets asked way too many times during the day.

4. Struggling to get into lifted cars/trucks

It is the worst when you are not able to get into your friends/boyfriends car/truck because they lifted it. At that point, the car is about at our waist and to get in you need a boast or to try and lift yourself using the assist handle by the door

5. Not being able to reach the top part of your locker

If your in high school and short, you know the struggle of not being able to see or reach the top part of your locker. All of high school, I had to get my friends to help me reach things and clean out that part of my locker because I couldn't bring a step stool to school.

6. Too short to reach anything

The real struggle of being short is the inability to reach almost everything. Put something in a pantry, on top of the fridge, or the top shelf of the cabinets...and a chair or step stool is needed to reach it. Otherwise, we have to ask for help to reach something, which can get annoying.

7. We get shoved around a lot

Just because we are short, doesn't mean we are invisible. But people like to think we are. In big crowds, we always end up getting shoved around and pushed aside because we are short and easily movable.

8. Always getting picked on

People just love to make fun of us because we are short, and we can't reach things. My friends use to love watching me struggle to get stuff. In gym, they would play monkey-in-the-middle, but always made me stand in the middle because I was the shortest.

9. The struggle to see over the steering wheel of your car

When it's comes to driving, you have to have a car where you can adjust the seat. If you don't, then half your vision I say going to get cut off by the steering wheel. Older cars models were not made with short people mind.

10. Your feet never touch the ground

When your sitting in class and your can't reach the floor because the seat is too high and you're too short, so you have to stretch your toes down, and then you get a foot cramp: That's me in every class, unless I sit on the edge of the seat. It's the worst!

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