10 Hopes For 2021
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10 Hopes For 2021

"When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope."
Pittacus Lore, I Am Number Four

10 Hopes For 2021

Bring on a better 2021! We all had a stressful 2020 - BLM movement, the pandemic, celebrity deaths, job losses, - the list goes on. Here are some hopes I came up with for 2021.

1. The Pandemic will die down and vaccines will be administered more


Stay safe, get vaccinated, follow protocols, and this too shall pass and hopefully we will have a normal summer.

2. That Black lives are taken more seriously


Seriously, all lives matter - but stop attacking Black individuals, and disabled individuals, and elderly individuals - everyone deserves dignity and respect.

3. That people get better paying jobs in hopes of the pandemic ending


The fact that before and during the pandemic people get low paying jobs - there needs to be better paying jobs

4. That individuals can get the education needed to succeed


Education is expensive - I hope people who wants to get education have the funds and help needed to succeed

5. That we find more solutions for battling global warming


Solutions I hope are on there way - and I know some are already here - we need to act more on them

6. That people can afford health care


I have struggled trying to afford my own health care when I got laid off work - it's too expensive and things need to change- I hope more people can afford health care plans and they are made more affordable - where people don't have to live without health insurance as well

7. That police officers don't get attacked but that they don't attack innocent people as well


We need to respect offices but they need to respect individuals. No one is netter than anyone else.

8. That no one goes to prison for being falsely accused


I can't believe we live in a world where people go to prison for not even committing a crime. I hope the justice system steps up their game in positive ways.

9. That no one kills oneself due to hardships in society


Mental health issues are REAL and societal problems are REAL - We need to help each other out so no one should feel like they need to end their life or feel helpless

10. That the economy goes back up, especially for small businesses


SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES! They need to make a living.

I really HOPE 2021 is better - I hope everyone stays happy, healthy, safe, warm, and all the above.

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