There are always those little things that we always do once we finally get home from college after a long semester. I don't know about y'all, but I am going to go home and do this list of things because there is nothing better than going back and appreciating the simple things like:

1. Eating real food

No explanation needed. Thanks, mom.

2. Holidays

Who doesn't love to gather around the Christmas tree and open presents and appreciate how lucky we are to have such wonderful and dysfunctional families?

3. Laying in my bed

That first night is always the best. Going from a not-so-ideal twin XL to a larger, comfier, more cloud-like bed is perhaps one of the best feelings in the whole world.

4. Going to my favorite coffee shops

Something about local coffee shops will always get me. There is nothing better than being able to properly function under the influence of caffeine and supporting local business at the same time. Bye, Starbs. You're only good because you're .2 seconds from my dorm.

5. Going to work

Okay, so I like my job and I like money. Don't judge me.

6. Wegmans

Freaking Wegmans. If there is a time that I don't go straight there from the airport, please slap me.

7. Family

You can only stand to live with your friends for so long. Family is awesome and you need to appreciate them while you can spend time with them.

8. My dogs

Floofs of joy. That's what they are.

9. Free laundry

$1.85 just to not have trashy, dirty clothes? No, thank you. Free detergent, softener, and (if I'm lucky) someone who will even put my clothes in the dryer once they're finished. Yes, please. #BackHomeBaller (Check out the SNL sketch. It's relatable AF)

10. Friends

Because why wouldn't you want to see your home slices?