10 'Hamilton' Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Second Semester Stress

10 'Hamilton' Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Second Semester Stress

"I am not throwing away my shot."

It's second semester! Halfway to summer, and all that much closer to another year of school. Whether you're exited, apathetic, or thoroughly ambivalent, you definitely are facing a little bit of #SecondSemesterStress. Thankfully, your boy Lin Manuel Miranda is here for you.

1. "Why do you write like you're running out of time?"

Probably because it's 7:47 and this assignment is due at 8! Also, I have three papers due by Wednesday... I'm no Alexander Hamilton, but I'm feeling pretty "non-stop".

2. "I will never be satisfied..."

No matter how many hours you've spent on a group project, you can't help but know within your heart that it will never be as good as it would have been if you had done all the work...

3. "There's nothing like summer in the city; there's trouble in the air, you can smell it"

That awkward moment when you're enjoying the 70 degree weather, but the weather channel says it's going to be 19 degrees tomorrow...

4. "Hey, hey, hey hey..."

When all those couples who got together for cuffing-season start to break up and you can comfortably check out the cute boys on campus.

5. "Get your education, don't forget from whence you came!"

Everyone knows that late winter/spring feeling... The stress is simply too much! You're tempted to drop out of school just so you never have to do any homework. That's when you gotta sit back and think of the thousands of dollars going into your education... then you down a Monster and get back at it.

6. "Some men think I'm intense or I'm insane"

Yes, part of you wants to adhere to the mainstream and look conventionally thin for summer, but also... you love pizza and ice cream and you're freaking hot, so.... Body revolution for life!

7. "Come back to bed, that would be enough."

It's midnight. You have an eight AM. Your bed is calling to you, but you have to be strong. You have only three scenes left of script analysis...

8. "Take a break!"

That wonderful relief you feel when you get an email from your professor saying that today is a "study day", which means there isn't any class. Lord knows that you need a study day or two to get through the rest of the year!

9. "You got skin in the game, you stay in the game. But you don't get to win unless you're playin the game"

You know you feel like a total boss when you manage to get that ten page paper in on time, when ten hours ago you didn't even know you had a paper due.

10. "Raise a glass to freedom!"

Thankfully, summer is almost here. That means home, friends, parties, long days full of sleep, and NO HOMEWORK. It's almost here. So close. So, so close.

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New Year, Not New You

January 1st changes nothing.

New Year’s resolutions are obviously made with good intent, but the reality is that many people fail to keep their resolution within a couple of months. People often give up on their goals and claim that they will “try again next year, for real next time.” I personally believe that the easiest way to avoid this type of failure, is to not create new goals for the New Year.

A new year is exciting- the start of the calendar, celebrations, and a new date to write. However, there has always been a tradition where people set goals for themselves to accomplish during the new year. But why? I had a teacher who always said, “If there is something you want to improve in your life, start now.” And I couldn't agree more. Why wait for the first day of the year to change something?

Every year, we hope to change ourselves for the better starting January 1st. Most people are unable to pursue their goals because they often forget their goals, get sidetracked, or just give up. And that’s okay. Goals take time to be accomplished- it definitely does not happen overnight. Trying to change a lot at once is challenging and the goals we set for ourselves should be simple and realistic. I do believe everyone has something they can improve about themselves. Instead of making a list of goals on January 1st, we should periodically set goals throughout the year in order to work on ourselves everyday.

New Year’s does not mean you have to change. Keep being you and find small aspects of your life to improve on everyday because a small change can make a big difference.

Happy New Year!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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6 New Year's Resolutions You Can Tell To Get People Off Your Back

When someone asks, you can just throw one of these out there.

Let's face it; New Year's Resolutions have become an over-hyped fad. People at the grocery store or at your job or in class with you want to make small talk and of course, they ask the most basic question of January: "What is your resolution for the New Year?"

Until Valentines Day, you will hear this question asked a lot especially when you see people crowding at the gym the first few weeks of January in hopes to start their doomed fitness journey or the shelves cleaned off at the local pharmacies for teeth whitening strips (seriously, I've seen it).

Yes, some people want to start 2018 with a better smile and make all sorts of promises and then there are others who just want to live their life. As a person who believes in living each day learning from mistakes and striving to change with each lesson gained, I really don't care about new years resolutions. No offense to the people who do.

I want to be able to have something happen to me any day out of the 365 in the year and say "Hey, maybe I could change this and push to be better."

However, I'm 99% sure that the New Years Resolution trend will continue forth for a while to come because it's a fun idea for the holiday. So in order to fall in line with society and act like you believe in resolutions, here are a few resolutions ideas you can tell in order to appease the questioners and what they will most likely think of them.

1. "I'm starting a fitness journey."

What they hear: "I'm going to buy $50 Nike sneakers and spend over a hundred dollars on workout clothes and a gym membership, but I'm only going to for the first few weeks of January. I'll keep paying the membership and tell myself I'll go the next day,"

2. "I'm quitting smoking / a bad habit."

What they hear: "I'm going to quit but then I'm going to get the bill for my textbooks and break down and do it again in stress,"

3. "I'm going to stop texting my ex."

What they hear: "I'm going to stop texting him but then I'm going to get lonely in the middle of the night and break down. Maybe I'll go to the bar and drunk-dial him and act like it was a mistake,"

4. "I'm quitting meat/starting veganism."

What they hear: "I'm going to give up meat because I'm tired of feeling guilty because I'm eating something that had a face. Sadly, I'll see a Chick-Fil-A on the way to class and break down. Maybe I'll just get a kid's meal? Let's be real I'm getting an eight-count nugget meal,"

5. "I'm going to save money."

What they hear: "I'm going to put my direct deposit from my job straight into savings but then I'm going to transfer it into my checking account so I can get Cookout with my friends at 3 a.m."

6. "I'll get better grades."

What they hear: "I'm going to buy a ton of notebooks and pencils and go to class regularly the first two weeks of the semester, but then I'll realize economics is BORING and then skip to stay in and nap or watch Netflix,"

These are some of the most stereotypical resolutions for fellow nonbelievers of the holiday who are pestered with questions. Say these resolutions at your own risk because there are stereotypes associated with some of the more common resolutions. I urge everyone to strive to be better this year. Like, legit. Welcome to 2018 and may the year be in your favor.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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