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10 Habits Everyone Has That Have No Explanation

Because it just feels right!

Photo by Tong Nguyen van on Unsplash

Because it just feels right!

1. That t-shirt you wear at home and makes you look like a homeless destitute, but it's so comfy you just can't get rid of it!

2. Leaving that one light on while sleeping because it just makes you feel less lonely.

3. The AC temperature can be 18° or 20° Celsius. 19° Celsius just doesn't feel right. 

4. That pair of sandals you never wore but will kill anyone who tries to throw them away.

5. The books you impulsively pick at random stores, but never read, but buy them anyways. 

6. Leaving the TV on while you are not even in the room - it keeps you company. 

7. Even with the spacious wardrobe, the clothes will still pile up on the chair. That's what it's meant for!

8. That particular corner of the house which is your favorite spot to read in.

9. Weird proportion of sugar and coffee which needs to work right every time.

10. Cannot bear to have unread notifications but do not want to reply!

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