10 Foods That Will Send You To Trader Joe's Immediately

Ahhh... the beauty of Trader Joe's! Buy these 10 things from Trader Joe's and your life shall be changed.

1. Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Great as a late night study snack or just to binge on!

2. Sriracha Seafood Potstickers with Shrimp and Crab

Sriracha and Potstickers? Truly the best of both worlds!

3. Spicy Chai Tea Latte Mix

This is just the season to spice up your favorite classic Chai drink!

4. Pepperoni Pizza Mac and Cheese Bowl


5. Chocolate Covered Banana Slices

Healthy AND delicious!

6. Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups

If you love cookie butter (who doesn't?!?), then you're bound to love these COOKIE BUTTER CUPS!

7. Mango Sorbet

You're basically eating fruit while you eat this so binge on it all you want!

8. Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix

Pumpkin flavored things>>

9. Matcha Green Tea

Premade Matcha Green Tea in canned bottles? **heart eyes only**

10. Speculoos Cookie Butter

This one goes without saying... if you haven't tried cookie butter yet, where on Earth are you?!

Treat yo'self and go to Trader Joe's ASAP!

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