10 Feel Good Things For The Week Ahead
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10 Feel Good Things For The Week Ahead

Here are some things that might make your week a little bit more fun, calming, and thoughtful.

10 Feel Good Things For The Week Ahead
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Looking for some things to make you smile, dance, relax, think, and have a moment to yourself? Scroll on.

1. Need a quick personal dance session? Here you go.

They Don't Know by Ariana Grande and Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake

You can't help but groove and sing along to these fun songs from the movie Trolls. If you've got kids, they'll enjoy these songs too.

2. Spice up everyday life with cinematic vlogs.

Video blogging documents parts of everyday life. While shaky cameras, iPhone edits, and turned off mics are common features of vlogs, MAZELEE turns the mundane into a little movie. They've got a large family and a whole lot of love and obstacles they don't mind sharing with the world.

3.Can't afford to always look nice? Just play dress-up.

You can dress up men, babies, professionals, even tigers (with stripes, that is). Putting clothes on other people has never been more peaceful, priceless, and fun. Makes you feel like a kid again.

4. Nothing worthwhile happened today? Well, something probably did...years ago...

This Day In History gives you a glimpse into the past on the exact same day. It's a simple (non-comprehensive) and easy way to learn about the world as it was and is, from historical American events to foreign wars, and pop culture. In an alternate universe it's all probably happening again...so no day is ever really boring.

5. Have no friends or board games to play with? Watch other people play instead.

SourceFedPlays plays with a variety of fun board games, card games, and mobile apps. Watching coworkers and friends enjoy good old fashion entertainment with each other is not only fun but gives you ideas for your game night!

6. Looking to treat yourself? Clearance on novelty items never felt so good!

You probably won't need anything from these websites, but the stuff is cool and you know you love it.



Red Bubble

7. Looking for something good and new-ish to watch? Try these!

The CW's No Tomorrow follows Evie Covington's newfound carpé diemm-ing adventures when she gets involved with a charming man who believes the apocalypse is "nigh". You can catch online on the CW, Netflix, and Amazon. And if you haven't already, check out NBC's "This Is Us" (also on Hulu), "a smart, modern dramedy that will challenge your everyday presumptions about the people you think you know". Basically, good laughs, good cries, and #relationshipgoals.

8. Need advice or just looking for some pure laughs? All you need is a podcast (or two).

Hank and John Green are brothers you may know from YouTube or their success as entrepreneurs and a novelist. Or you don't know them. Either way, they're smart, funny, and go for the weird stuff always on Dear Hank and John.

Comedian, musician, and YouTuber Mike Falzone and his wife Zoja recount their experiences and talk about current events on Welcome To Our Podcast. Mike's silly laugh and Zoja's smooth voice make listening to people you can't see enjoyable.

9. Looking to feel a range of emotions? Look no further than Cut and {AND}.

Cut films kids eating foreign food, people playing Truth or Drink, and parents explaining things to kids. {AND} on The Skin Deep explores relationships and emotions between friends, parents and children, lovers, and strangers. 6 out of 10 times you will probably feel sad or shed a tear while watching {AND}. But you'll also smile and feel warm.

10. Looking for a voice of confidence, support, unity, and some hardcore tweets? Follow the ACLU on Twitter.

The American Civil Liberties Union has been on fire lately, and their tweets are informative, empowering, and sassy. They're not here to play games, and if they were, well - they'd be winning. Their strides to protect and support various communities and ways of life give me a calm feeling, even when things are rough.

Hope your week has spots of peace and happiness!

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