It is that time of year. School is winding down. Summer is slowly approaching. Everyone's motivation is going downhill. With a busy last push, there are so many struggles of making it through the final stretch of the school year.

1. Waking up in the morning gets harder and harder

2. Registering for next semester's classes is a struggle and a half

3. On top of finals, you have hundreds of exams, papers, and projects getting squeezed into the rest of the month

4. Everyone just wants summer weather

5. If you have to eat one more dining hall meal, you might explode

6. Remember that thing that "wasn't due until April"? Well, now you actually have to do it.

7. Trying to make the most of the final weeks with your school friends

8. Daydreaming about summer can be very distracting

10. You're conflicted because you can't wait for summer but also don't want to leave

Knowing that there are only three and a half weeks left at my school is so crazy. There is so much left to do. It feels like three and a half weeks is nothing. But it's also three and a half weeks of craziness. What do you think is the hardest struggle on this list?