10 Early 2000s Trends That Need to Come Back (And 5 That Should Stay There)
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10 Early 2000s Trends That Need to Come Back (And 5 That Should Stay There)

A look back at popular fashion trends from the early 2000s that are due for a comeback.

10 Early 2000s Trends That Need to Come Back (And 5 That Should Stay There)
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February is just around the corner. This means we have already had a few weeks of 2016 under our belts. With award season already starting with the Golden Globes in January, everyone has had their eyes on fashion. For 2015 fashion trends, crop tops and sheer fabric were all the rage on the runway, and on the red carpet, fan favorites like Jennifer Lawrence rocked colorful dresses with cut outs. Bohemian style clothing made famous in the 1960s also made a comeback this year.

Many fashion trends come and go over the years. Let’s take a look back at famous trends from the early 2000s that are ready for a comeback of their own.

1. Heelys

Although many schools and public places banned the popular shoes with wheels, Heelys were once beloved shoes worn by kids and teens across the world. With energy conservation being a priority in recent years, wearing Heelys would be a fun way to “go green.”

2. Popcorn Shirts

Popcorn shirts were perfect for those who loved wearing lightweight shirts in the summer and for those who wanted to save space in their closet. Popcorn shirts are great for people who like to travel, because they take up very little suitcase space. The shirts, which came in fun colors and patterns, could be worn in an outfit with jeans or a cute skirt. It was also fun to watch the shirt shrink back to its original size once you were done wearing it.

3. Puffy Jackets

Perfect for the harsh Minnesota winters, these puffy jackets were a big part of the fashion scene in the early 2000s. The puffed up coat kept the individuals wearing it warm and the shiny fabric helped keep the jacket fashionable and trendy.

4. Velour Tracksuits

These tracksuits, made popular by Juicy Couture, were a fashion staple of the 2000s. The comfortable fabric made them easy to wear, and the unlimited supply of colors and designs meant you could never have too many tracksuits in your possession. Although the tracksuits can sometimes make you look like you’re walking off the set of “Jersey Shore,” the comfy outfits are hard to dismiss.

5. Corduroy Jackets

As seen on 2000s television darling Veronica Mars, portrayed by Kristen Bell, the fashionable jackets are a practical piece of clothing that can go with almost any outfit.

6. Colorful Handbags

Designers from Louis Vuitton and Coach made colorful handbags a popular trend in the 2000s. The fun patterns made for an eye-catching accessory and a bold fashion statement.

7. Platform Flip- Flops

8. Bedazzling

Every once in a while, some articles of clothing need a little something more. Bedazzling is the perfect way to give that piece of clothing the fancy “bling” that it needs. Bedazzling is also a fun activity for people who are into arts and crafts.

9. Gauchos

The precursor to yoga pants, were gauchos, which are looser fitting and often cut closer to the knees. Like yoga pants, these comfortable trousers are made from a smooth material and can also be paired with a nice blouse and high heels to create a more refined look.

10. Choker Necklaces

5 Trends That Should Stay Back in the 2000s

1. Denim Everything

Even though this outfit worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards is iconic, the amount of denim in this photo is just unnecessary. There is nothing wrong with a nice jean jacket or a jean skirt, but a whole jean dress is too much.

2. Frosted Tips

This hair-bleaching trend was often associated with boy band members. This look, seen here on Justin Timberlake when he was back in his NSYNC days, just doesn’t look quite right. Not only is the constant bleaching unhealthy for your hair, but also if Justin tried to bring this look back, like he did with "sexy," it would just seem outdated.

3. Dress Over Jeans

Anne Hathaway is seen in this photo wearing a confusing combination of a long summer dress and jeans. The contrast between the fabric of the dress and the denim is distracting, and the style of the dress does not seem appropriate for the red carpet of a movie premiere. The good news here is that Hathaway’s style has evolved over the years and she has become one of the most fashionable stars in Hollywood.

4. Necktie Substitution For A Belt

This trend, featured on “Scrubs” and “Rick and Morty” actress Sarah Chalke in this photo was popular back in the beginning of the century. Using a scarf as a belt is not as bad, but exchanging a belt for a necktie looks like it was a last minute mistake by a stylist who came to work unprepared.

5. Trucker Hats

The trucker hat trend, obviously inspired by Larry the Cable Guy, has claimed victims from actor Ashton Kutcher, to British soccer star David Beckham. Although it is a good way to hide your face from the flashing cameras of the paparazzi, it is far from being a fashion accessory.

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