"Drake and Josh" is my all-time favorite show. It was hilarious and relatable, and I still make references to episodes on a daily basis; they had such a major impact on my life. All of the characters were so classic; they each had their own personalities and unique characteristics. Here are 10 of the best characters that made the show so amazing!

1. Josh Nichols

His obsession with Oprah and his nerdy sayings made him extremely lovable.

2. Drake Parker

He was such a stud; every girl wanted to date him, and every guy wanted to be him.

3. Megan Parker

We all had mad respect for the ingenious jokes she pulled on her brothers, or the “boobs.”

4. Walter Nichols

This goofy weatherman who read “Fancy Cat” magazine was low-key one of the best characters on the show.

5. Audrey Parker-Nichols

In all honesty, she didn't have a big role; she was always just kind of there.

6. Helen Dubois

Nothing was more classic than how she constantly threw shade at Josh, but was infatuated with Drake.

7. Crazy Steve

After all of these years, I've realized that Steve represents me the most. #imnuts

8. Craig and Eric

They were the epitome of the stereotypical nerds and their characters couldn't be funnier.

9. Mrs. Hayfer

This woman was such a savage; she had no chill with her hatred for Drake.

10. Mindy Crenshaw

Not going to lie -- her relationship with Josh made me really uncomfortable.