10 Dorm Organization Hacks So Mom & Dad Think You Have Your Life Together When They Visit

10 Dorm Organization Hacks So Mom & Dad Think You Have Your Life Together When They Visit

Here are ten easy hacks to keep your dorm room clean and tidy.

Delainey Russell

1. Prevent t-shirts from taking up too much closet space.

A. Lay t-shirt facedown.

B. Fold each sleeve in until they overlap and fold both sides underneath the sleeves in about 1.5 inches in.

C. Fold the bottom up about 2 inches and continue folding it up until the shirt is in a rectangle.

D. Repeat with all t-shirts and place them in a drawer.

2. Make it smell nice.

Keep the room smelling fresh by attatching your favorite car air freshener to your fan or air conditioner.

3. Keep your boots straight.

Prevent boots from folding over by rolling up pages from a magazine and placing them inside each boot.

4. Save space.

Take up less space with furniture by lofting your bed and putting your dresser underneath it.

5. Keep the bathroom organized AND clean.

Keep you and your bathroom mates' toothbrushes organized, but prevent them from touching, by taking a cute cup and stretching rubberbands over the top in any pattern until there’s a space for every toothbrush.

6. Don't let the cords get in the way.

Keep your cords organized by using command strips to attach your power strip to a dresser or bed. Then label each cord near the outlet so you don’t accidentally unplug the wrong one.

7. Don't let the cords get in the way in the bathroom either.

Prevent you and your roomate’s hairstyling tools from getting tangled by sticking coat hooks to the wall or the inside of a cabinet and hanging your curling irons and straighteners on them.

8. Keep your closet 'organized.'

Without actually cleaning it, you can make your closet appear more organized by hanging all of your clothes on hangers that are the same color, shape, and size.

9. Get some extra privacy.

Give yourself extra privacy and don't be woken up as easily by hanging a curtain from a shower curtain rod over your bed.

10. Keep up your routine.

Keep your morning and nightly routine items together by attatching a small square magnetic board to the wall. Then glue magnets onto the backs of small daily-used items such as makeup, a contact case, or floss.

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