Sometimes, we just need cute animal gifs to get us through our day. So, keep reading and let these fluffy fur balls brighten your day.


Just look at them.

2. Dogs, Cats, and...

They're just so sweet.

3. Lil Bun

Bunny, rabbit, or whatever, it doesn't really matter. Can I just cuddle it?


JUST LOOK AT THIS ONE. I love cats. Wow.

5. More Cats

Cats are so nice. How helpful and sweet.

6. Horse Cuddles

Who doesn't love cuddles?

7. Baby Duck

So golden. So love-able. So PERFECT.

8. Kitten

Sweet kitty just wants nap time. Petition for nap time for this sleep deprived kitten!

9. Magic Dogs

You thought there was one? SURPRISE!

10. Jumping Dogs

They're even in tutus, 10/10 magical.

I hope your heart has melted by now, and if not, you must be evil. I know I'll be referring back to these ten sweet gifs when I need a pick-me-up!