10 Contemporary Artists You Should Follow On Instagram
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10 Contemporary Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

Instead of scrolling through selfies, scroll through artwork.

10 Contemporary Artists You Should Follow On Instagram
Ian Stevenson UK

Adults love telling us millennials that instagram and other social media platforms are a waste of time. The reality is, however, that, if used correctly, social media platforms can be an easy way of enlightening yourself. For art fanatics particularly, instagram is a excellent way to stay up-to-date with what your favorite artists are doing and see day-to-day progress of their work. If you like following artists on instagram, not only to see their mind-blowing #WIP but also to try to get a glimpse of their lives, these are ten artists you should follow:

Christian Rex Van Minnen — @van_minnen

Van Minnen's paintings have a bizarre way of simultaneously disgusting and fascinating you. His weirdly shaped gummy bears, amorphous faces and satirical captions are bound to confuse you, and yet leave you wanting more. His working is simply strangely enchanting. His instagram not only contains his current work, including sketches and prints, but also his music and photographs of the strange things that interest him, which might help you understand his singular ingenuity a little more.

Hikari Shimoda — @hikarishimoda

Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda fuses cuteness, creepiness and bold political undertones, all in astonishing neon-colored paintings. Her particular depictions of children are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also thought catalysts. Her gallery showcases her work as well as many reposted pictures of fan art. Her style has captivated so many people that several youtubers and makeup artists have attempted to imitate it on their own faces.

Albert Omoss — @albertomoss

Computational artist Albert Omoss creates videos and images that you won't be able to stop looking at. His instagram contains shortened clips of his mind-blowing videos(all which you can fully watch on his vimeo) and clips of his works in process. He is an example of the striking result of the combination of art and technology.

Kehinde Wiley — @kehindewiley

Throughout history, African Americans have been unfairly underrepresented in politics, science and the arts. Kehinde Wiley cleverly attempts to end this combining traditonal European portraiture, African and European patterns and modern characters. His portraits of contemporary African Americans seek to debunk inaccurate stereotypes and showcase the true beauty of African American culture. He not only challenges traditional ideas of race, but also of gender and religion.

Jon Almeda — @almedapottery

Jon Almeda is one of those artists that simply makes you think "what kind of sorcery is this?!." His tiny pottery is just too cute and unbelievably amazing. His high speed videos are not only extremely satisfying, but are also recorded with beautiful landscapes in the background, like the Golden Gate bridge or the beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

Michael Reeder — @reederone

Michael Reeder challenges the concept of identity through his conceptual paintings and murals. Several components of his paintings, such as the masks, the patterns and the contrasting colors, make the spectator wonder what elements of oneself are what creates an identity. His instagram shows a little bit of the artist's fascinating process for creating his work.

Dan Lam — @sopopomo

You either hate or love Dan Lam's work, there is no in between. Her sculptures of gooey blobs are strangely satisfying, and almost seem like they have a life of their own. You'll even want to touch them. These may seem like some kind of liquid about to drip, but they are in fact fixed painted foam scultpures. If you like #satisfying videos, check out how she makes them.

Dilka Bear — @dilkabear

Dilka Bear's creepy yet beautiful paintings make you feel like you're looking at a character from a fairytale. Her work is full of magic and contains touching stories told by children, sometimes half animal half human. The ambiguity of her work leaves it up to you to find out what these stories are.

Ivan Alifan — @ivanalifan

Ivan Alifan's paintings might make you a little uncomfortable, but they sure are impressive. His models are often covered in what seems to be milk or whipped cream, but as his series' title ("It's Not Milk") suggests, the liquid represents something far more interesting. His process videos demonstrate the complexity of his work.

Benjamin Bjorklund — @benjaminbjorklund

Benjamin Bjorklund's work truly shows that less is more. His style consists of few big brushstrokes on his paintings that are conscientiously detailed and add a life of its own to his work. Plus, if you like animals, you'll enjoy his many paintings of his great dane Solomon and his other pets.

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