The world is full of habits. Many goods and many bad habits!

Here are 10 bad habits in gifs that I find to be common in the world.

1. Picking your nose

"Dude, can you please stop. That is gross!"

2. Eating with your mouth open

"Didn't your parents ever tell you to stop talking to people while you are chewing?


3. Talking during the movie/TV show

"Have you ever thought about shutting up when the movie is playing?

That would be the coolest thought ever!

But seriously, be favorite part is coming."

4. Staying up late

Many people struggle with this thinking it isn't a habit but it is such a bad one.

Staying up late can weaken your immune system and create bad eating habits.

5. Poor Posture

If you have a bad posture problem then you have probably felt some strain on your back or neck area after a long time in that position at some point or the other. By having proper posture, you will be able to work more efficiently... Now, stand up straight!

6. Smoking cigarettes

Everyone knows "Smoking Kills", so my question is...

Why do people still do it?

7. Spending to much time looking at a screen

You're missing out on the thousands of other things going on in life... turn your head away for just five minutes!

8. Distracted Driving

This problem isn't really going away. Is your cell phone or mascara more important than their lives?

9. Drinking soda

Drinking soda is not the worst but if you drink it every meal then yeah... it is pretty close!

Some levels of caffeine in soda can lead to dehydration and build up tooth decay.

For every soda you drink, make sure to drink a glass of water too!

10. Overreacting

Life can get difficult but that doesn't mean it can't get better.

Many of us tend to overreact at the sight of something going downhill.

Pick up your pants and search for the rainbow at the end of the storm. Don't automatically start throwing things around and freakin' out! Life goes on.

Though these are so common, I hope that when you read these, you caught the ones that you do and begin to work on them!

Bad habits are hard to break but being aware is the first step!