10 Comforts Of Home You Can't Get In A College Dorm
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10 Comforts Of Home You Can't Get In A College Dorm

Pee in Peace.

10 Comforts Of Home You Can't Get In A College Dorm
Giuliana Mignone

Roommates, we all have them. Some better than others. (Mine are really awesome, all four, yes I live with FOUR women). But, as much as I love sharing the Girl's Room and sleeping on the bottom bunk, there are a few comforts of home you just can't get in a college dorm.

Here are 10 comforts of home you just can't get in a college dorm.

10. A Temperate Room.

Too hot, too cold. The thermostat kinda smells like a mix of must and burnt hair when you turn the heat on, maybe it's worth the 38-degree room. At home, your bedroom is as toasty or as cool as you actually set your thermostat to be.

9. A Dust-Free Zone.

Old dorm, old room, old building; ick. Even in an old house, when you clean it stays clean, and you can GOSH even open a window. Don't get me wrong, your dorm is fabulous for coming home and crashing out after a drunk Saturday night, but no matter how many times you clean it, there's magically more dust. Ah, dorm sweet dorm, a locked windowed, no clean air paradise.

8. Siblings!

Roommates are the best, but what's better than coming home to your own pre-pubescent mini-me?! They have all your best qualities, and all your worst, and definitively don't want your advice. But, they still are your best friends and you guys know how to raise hell better than any other team.

7. Parental Guidance.

You're probably like, where are you going with this? Well, sometimes it's nice to have a parent around. After a LONG semester, having your mom de-brief with you, and not judge you, is nice. Not having FOMO or feeling bad because you wanna leave the party, but using your dad as an excuse to scoot. Perfect. Parent it up!

6. A Couch.

It seems silly; but think about it. How many times have you just wanted to watch some TV, but you had to balance your laptop on your desk while lying down on your bed while your neck is strained. Oh, and if you wanted to invite a friend over, forget about it. Ah, couches, you are so underrated but so fab.

5. Your Bed.

I love my dorm bed, but my bed at home is like a cloud. It's an old friend, comfortable and familiar. You always sleep a little sounder, and honestly a little later. Plus, who doesn't love floral sheets from 4th grade and a pillow from 7th which reads "ttyl xox." Twin XL, sorry sis but my full is calling my name.

4. Home Cooked Meals.

Mom's meatballs. Grandma's cookies. Honestly, even just grilled chicken and broccoli not covered in butter and cooked in a cafeteria. BLESS.

3. Privacy.

Nuff' said.

2. Pets.

1. Bathrooms.

Ah, no roommates to make you late when you have to jump in the shower 10 minutes before class. Pee in peace, sing in the shower, and bust through that door naked with no worries. The hair brush is your microphone, the mirror is your stage.

So, enjoy home while it lasts because you only got it for a month!

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