10 College Move-In Day Tips I Wish I'd Had Before MY Freshman Year

I officially have one more week till I move into my first and last college house. Between living in dorms for two years, then living in a two-bedroom apartment, I'm ready to live in a home for my final year in college. Is packing and moving stressful? Yes. Does it always have to be? Maybe not.

Here's a list of 10 helpful tips to ensure an easy move-in day experience.

1. Pack ahead of time

No one has ever enjoyed last-minute packing. Do yourself and the move people helping you move a favor and start packing a week or two in advance. I have boxes organized and piled up near my door already. (You're welcome, Mom and Dad) This saves you the anxiety and stress of how or when you'll finish your packing.

2. Be clever and think of easy packing-hacks

Why take off the hangers off of your clothes and throw them in a box when you could bag and move them already hung? Or maybe instead of searching for boxes for all of your shoes/clothes you could use previously-owned duffle bags or luggage to help you move. There are clever ways to utilize house hold items you own to make moving that much easier.

3. Order food, everyone loves food

If you're like me, you hit the lottery with helpful family and friends. Want to know what worse than a day full of moving? A day full of moving and empty stomachs. Order some pizza and grab some water and soda for everyone. It'll not only provide a refreshing break, but delicious food and full bellies.

4. Multi-task for a clean, fresh move-in-feel

Moving can get a little messy. I found that as I move my bed from place to place, it's smart to wash all my blankets, sheets, pillow cases, etc. Moving takes time, just as laundry. By the time you're finished with re-setting up your room and bed, you'll have fresh sheets to end the day in. Nothing is better than that!

5. Bring cleaning supplies, and a lot of it

Although the leasing company or previous owners may have cleaned before, I still like to get into my new place and clean it top to bottom. If items are too big for you to load in your new place, you could multi-task and start cleaning while the others move things inside. By the time everything is moved in, the house will be clean and all that would be left is to start the decoration process.

6. Label. All. Boxes.

From past experience, you'll thank me for this one later. If you thought that everyone always knew to label the boxes for a move, think again. The first few times I've moved I never labeled boxes and I ended up with cooking utensils in my bedroom. If you label what area of the house boxes go, it makes the entire moving process more easy and quick.

7. Tape dressers drawers shut

This comes back to point number two. No need in doing more work than what's necessary. In case of a dresser falling or being tipped at a weird angle, tape your drawers shut so your clothes don't fall out and all over the ground. This will also save you the frustration of the drawers swinging open, even if the drawers are completely empty.

8. Hold off on purchasing items you don't necessarily need at the moment

Moving can be clutter-filled. If you want to buy new clothes or wanted to buy a new blanket, it's probably best to wait. Why add more items to move to your new place when you can wait a week to purchase them?

9. Make a move-in playlist

As Drake once said, "we're here for a good time, not a long time." Why not get the move-in party bumping and have good tunes to listen to while doing it? No one wants to make a move-in day last for hours on end, so let's have a good time and listen to some music while working.

10. Be positive

Again, no one has every thoroughly enjoyed any moving-day. It's hot, there's constant loading back-and-forth and it takes time. The best thing anyone can do is be happy and positive through it all to make the time more enjoyable for everyone.

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