10 Things College Kids Think During Finals Week
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10 Things College Kids Think During Finals Week

All we want is a hug and a little encouragement.


It's the time of year that all college kids dread, finals week. When every professor thinks their class is the only one that matters, we get too little sleep and survive solely on caffeine and hope.

1. What the hell am I reading?

2. Can I go to Starbucks again? Is three times in two hours too much? 

3. Why is this on the final? We didn't learn this!

4. Theoretically, if I die, I won't have to take finals.

5. This professor has lost his mind.

6. I just want a nap.

7. Is eating ramen noodles for the fifth day in a row wrong?

8. Pajamas are acceptable to take this final in right? 

9. Can this be over already?

10. I miss my mom.

Those are 10 thoughts I know went through my head during finals season this semester. Drop your inner thoughts below!

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