The 11 Best Movie Soundtrack Songs
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The 11 Best Movie Soundtrack Songs

Disclaimer: this post DOES NOT include musicals because that is just unfair competition.

The 11 Best Movie Soundtrack Songs
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Songs have a way of evoking people’s emotions. The right song can bring an audience to tears, rile them up, or jump for joy. Music sets the tone for a scene and these ten songs are some of the most iconic and memorable in movie history.

Disclaimer: these movies do not include musicals because that is just unfair competition and a completely different post of its own... (coming soon to a computer screen near you)!

1. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” – The Breakfast Club

The final scene of "The Breakfast Club" is about as iconic as they come. Angsty 80s Judd Nelson makes his way across the football field as the letter created by our beloved Breakfast Club is read in the background. Nelson pumps his fist in the air triumphantly; five strangers found their common ground. The new wave pop/rock jam by Simple Minds plays to remind them to not forget each other and the bond they formed. *Fists up*

2. “Lose Yourself” – 8 Mile

"8 Mile" showed audiences Eminem's rough life growing up in inner city Detroit, and his determination to overcome it all with his music. The song became an anthem for anyone attempting to do the impossible. And it always makes me want some of my mom's spaghetti.

3. “Fight the Power” – Do The Right Thing

Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing" tells the story of racial tensions on a hot summer day in Brooklyn. Public Enemy's rebel anthem sets the tone for the entire film, uniting anyone who feels they have been wronged by "the power." This movie resonates with all who watch it, and resonates especially now, with the theme more relevant than ever.

4. “My Heart Will Go On” – Titanic

"Titanic" is easily one of the most romantic movies of all time. Audiences never want to let go (*cries*) of Jack and Rose's love. And Celine Dion is the queen of emotional love power ballads. This song reminds us that even if someone is gone, their love lives on. My heart will go on loving this song.

5. “(I've Had) The Time Of My Life” – Dirty Dancing

The entire "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack will make you want to get up and dirty dance. The film uses just the right song in just the right scene (check out Bruce Chanel's "Hey Baby" log dancing scene or Mickey and Sylvia's sexy and playful "Love Is Strange" scene). And while all the song/scene combos are A+ in this film, it really is Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes' track that brings the movie all together. And don't you dare put Baby in the corner.

6. “You'll Be in My Heart" – Tarzan

Big props to Phil Collins for composing all of the songs in this Disney classic. "You'll Be in My Heart" is a song about how love is a bond that can never be broken and specifically touches on the love of a mother, vowing to keep her baby safe and warm. Really makes you want to give your mom a hug, huh?

7. “Stayin Alive” – Saturday Night Fever

This movie epitomized the disco phenomenon and the music only added to the fever. The Bee Gees contributed seven songs (five of which were original to the film) to make this one of the best-selling soundtrack albums ever. Also, the opening scene with Tony strutting his stuff down the street to the beat of the music is totally me.

8. “In Your Eyes” – Say Anything

One of the most iconic and romantic gestures in movie history. Lloyd standing outside Diane's window, proclaiming his devotion with the help of Peter Gabriel and a boom box. This is the pinnacle moment of the film and an unapologetic symbol of young love. *swoon*

9. Eye Of The Tiger - Rocky III

One of the most well-known movie franchises of all time. The story of Rocky Balboa's trials and triumphs can be considered one of the greatest sports movies of all time. In the third installment of the film series, Rocky's credibility is challenged and he must train harder than ever to regain his title. Cue "Eye of the Tiger," the ultimate pump up jam, and watch Rocky reclaim his rightful glory.

10. “This is What Dreams Are Made Of” - The Lizzie McGuire Movie

HEY NOW! Have you ever seen such a beautiful dreams-come-true-secret-pop-star-life-long-dream performance? I could almost kiss Hilary Duff for shining so bright. This song is what dreams are made of.

11. “All Star” – Shrek

This song was and always will be a jam. Yeah I totally am a rock star and an all star! But while most people think this song is actually about striving for glory, it's actually the opposite - poking fun at the glorification of celebrities, media, government, war and general ignorance: all things Shrek stands for. And let's not forget - Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

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