10 Best Cold Opens Of 'The Office'
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10 Best Cold Opens Of 'The Office'

Viewers might say that some the best moments of "The Office" are the cold opens. And with that said, here 10 best cold opens of "The Office."

10 Best Cold Opens Of 'The Office'

Whether it's Michael doing who-knows-what or Dwight's shenanigans, it is pretty much guaranteed that these cold opens will cause tears of laughter.

Cold Open: (also known as a teaser) is the technique of jumping directly into a story at the beginning or opening of the show before the title sequence or opening credits are shown.

While it was difficult, I believe I have come up with the perfect list of the best cold opens of the series has to offer

(Many of the best cold opens are Jim's pranks, however, I feel these pranks deserve their own list for best pranks. Stay tuned.)

And without further ado, here are the 10 best cold opens of "The Office:"

10. The DVD Screensaver watch—Launch Party—Season 4

While sitting down on another Michael meeting, the office keeps their eyes fixated on DVD screensaver on the TV just behind Michael. Each time it appears that the cube is is going to fly into a corner, it bounces off the side instead, keeping everyone (but Michael) in the office entranced.

9. Michael gets gum in his hair—Night Out—Season 4

After trying to see something shiny under Stanley's car, Michael gets gum in his hair, and Dwight comes up with a solution to get it out.

8. Updog—The Secret—Season 2

When Michael walks in on Jim telling Pam the 'what's updog?' joke, he tries his darnedest to use it on the others in the office, but it just doesn't work.

7. The Throw-up Sequence—Niagara Pt. 1—Season 6 (POSSIBLE SPOILER)

Pam's stomach becomes extra sensitive during the beginnings of her pregnancy, which causes her to ask the office to tone it down with some certain smells. Dwight being Dwight, refuses to stop eating his daily hard-boiled egg, causing an interesting turn of events.

6. Kevin's Chili Spill—Casual Friday—Season 5

When Kevin brings in a pot full of his famous homemade chili for the office, a loss of balance proves to be his worst enemy.

5. Seeing what Stanley won't notice—Costume Contest—Season 7

When Stanley drinks Jim's orange juice instead of his hot coffee by accident without noticing, the office goes the length to see what Stanley won't notice.

4. The Watermelon Birth—Baby Shower—Season 5

In preparation for Jan's delivery, Michael and Dwight practice a variety of delivery scenarios with a watermelon baby.

3. Parkour—Gossip—Season 6

After watching Parkour, the Internet sensation of 2004, Michael, Dwight and Andy recreate the moves from the Bond film all around the office.

2. Lip Dub—Nepotism—Season 7

The title speaks for itself. Sit back, relax and enjoy the best, most creative and sensational lip dub in television's history.

And the moment you've been waiting for... the #1 best cold open of "The Office:"

1. Dwight's Fire Safety Lesson—Stress Relief—Season 4

Dwight teaches the office a little lesson about fire safety by doing it the best he knows how: starting an actual fire.

There you have it, folks! It was tough, but I feel pretty satisfied with the list. Here are a few honorable mentions:

Michael's video to his future son—Ben Franklin—Season 3

Switching the clocks on Michael—Company Picnic—Season 5

Dwight uses feet instead of hands—China—Season 7

Happy Watching!

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