10 Bernie Sanders Mitten Memes We All Can't Stop Laughing At
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10 Bernie Sanders Mitten Memes We All Can't Stop Laughing At

The Bernie memes never end- enjoy some of his best memes

10 Bernie Sanders Mitten Memes We All Can't Stop Laughing At

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sits alone at the inauguration ceremony in a beige parka, legs and arms crossed, socially distanced. Hugging his hands are a pair of large mittens bearing a white and brown pattern. They look soft. They look warm. They look vaguely familiar. While at the 46th inauguration of Joe Biden, a photo was capture of Sanders bundled up against the Washington cold went viral almost immediately. With the viral release of these photos, people had fun with creating memes. Here are the 10 best Bernie Sanders mitten memes we saw:


It was at the 2020 vice president debate against Mike Pence and Kamala Harris when that fly that landed on Pence's head became an internet sensation. Now in this meme Biden is now that small fly on Pence's head.


Bernie is now part of the early history of the 20th century during the time when the cities became booming with people and the time when skyscrapers began to be built.


Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates... you never know what you are going to get. These famous words said by Forrest Gump is the essence of how this meme of Bernie was able to sit next to Forrest (not literaly) but in the meme world.


Suddenly now Bernie is a villain and is working with Deadpool? That is pretty cool.


Caroll Spinney has played one of the most iconic characters on American television for over 45 years as Big Bird. Now Bernie is able to soak in all that wisdom Big Bird brings to children.


It's the circle of life and in the film the Lion King, Bernie is getting introduced to life at Pride Rock.


There adds a new muppet and it is Bernie the Muppet. The Muppets television show has entertained all ages and now Biden is part of that as well.


I guess Bernie even made his way to the film Friday. A movie where you ain't got sh*t to do, but just smoke weed.


"In west Philedelphia born and raised on the playground where I spent most of my days...," if you remember the rest of this theme song, you are a 90's kid at heart. Bernie has now made it on the tv show the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.


Here's Bernie ! He has replaced Johnny. You better be scared in this classic horrror film. You better be careful for what Bernie can do as he is now the star of the horror film.

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